Discover The Proven Problem Sums Method Behind Achieving 2-3 Grades Jump For P5/6 Problem Sums Using Our Concepts-Processes-Skills (CPS) Solving Strategy…Within 2 Months!

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Why Do Parents Trust Us To Teach Their Kids?

We use a proven Concepts-Processes-Skills (CPS) mathodology to make problem sums really easy for you and your child.

This technique has helped thousands of parents and children over these years.

The methodology is the result of years of social work practice, childhood education and engineering (math) practice by a team of specialists with a combined professional/ teaching experience of more than 30 years.

This proven model has helped many students to achieve a 2 to 3-grade jump over a short period of time.

Want to start making problem sums easier for your child and you?

Check out this short video to discover why our students and parents love our smarter and simpler way of solving problem sums!
Find out what our satisfied and happy parents are saying about us…
“Let Joseph tell you why having to travel 1 hour to our centre and 1 hour back home is TOTALLY WORTH IT! Especially when his school math teacher couldn’t even help him!…Everything paid off in the end when his son’s grade jumped by 30 marks within 3 months!

Joseph, father of P6 Joshua

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