Are You Looking for a Rewarding Experience in the Teaching Field To Reach Out & Inspire More Children to Love to Learn Math and to Believe in Themselves?

At Learning Out of the Box, we believe in serious work and serious play that motivate and revitalize us to continue to collaborate with parents (our clients) in developing simpler, smarter and more effective Math problem sums solving techniques.

Our team strives to empower and encourage every single child to be who s/he really is so as to inspire he or she to love to learn Math and eventually becoming self-directed learner.

Here is a glimpse of what we do as a team.

We Innovate…

We innovate by developing smarter and simpler problem sums solving techniques.

We Educate…

We educate primary school children by teaching them easier solving techniques.

We Collaborate…

We collaborate with parents who are the best supporters for their children by empowering them with more parenting skills and problem-sums solving mathodologies.

2 Available Positions:

1. Math Teacher for Primary School Math (Part/ Full time)Available
2. Admin Executive (Part/ Full time) – Available

Our Learning Out Of the Box team is expanding so as to serve our growing number of students better.

Who we are: We’re a young bunch of vibrant coaches who love to work with children (regardless of their grades) so that we can help make learning math fun for them. We believe in leaving no kid behind, as long as they are willing to learn.

What we do: Our team runs Math coaching and seminar programme in our learning centre which helps math haters from Primary and Secondary schools.

So if you feel that you would like to work in a vibrant environment with a bunch of FUN people who put in their best effort (almost daily!) to reach out to children so that they can build their confidence, do read on.

Why Join Us!

We believe in working together as a team. To reach out to more children to help them love to learn, we need the entire team to support one another to scale up to greater heights. If you have similar belief, we welcome you to join us!

We believe in constant upgrading and stretching our potential. To always effectively work with parents and children to help them to learn problem sums the simple ways and to build a sustainable learning plan, we are always training our team to be more competent teachers and motivators.

We believe in working hard and playing hard. We believe that great people are hard to come by and they are also looking at an awesome culture to be in. If you value both working hard and playing even harder, our team is the right one for you. We believe in creating a fun environment where A-players enjoy working in, clearing hurdles and experiencing breakthroughs.

1. Math Teacher for Primary School Math (Part/ Full time) – Available

If you are someone who.

1. loves to coach children who hates math to love math
2. is very patient with kids and can engage them very well
3. is able to create new math questions and loves doing them to help more kids
4. able to talk to parents and interact with kids very well
5. is very good at primary and/or secondary maths
6. has a great personality who loves working in an environment where fellow colleagues always look out for one another.

Working hours for Full-time are:

Wednesdays (12 – 6 pm)
Thursdays & Fridays (12 – 8 pm)
Saturdays (9 am – 6 pm)
Sundays (9 am – 1 pm)
Close on Public Holidays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

Working hours for Part-time are subjected to availability of slots. (Contact us to find out more.)

2. Admin Executive (Part/ Full time) – Available

  • Brief job description:
  • Handle paperwork, data entry, filing & billing
  • Handle administrative duties to do with management of clients
  • Call and follow up with prospects and clients
  • Provide admin support for Maths department
  • Attend to clients’ needs & handle enquiries for our coaching programme

If you are someone who…
1. Has a warm personality and able to connect with parents and children, be it face to face or over the phone
2. Love interacting and playing games with children.
3. Is really responsible and meticulous in keeping records, keeping to date lines and keeping paperwork simple, tidy and always updated.
4. Is able to work on some weekdays and weekends.
5. Is good in using MS Word and PowerPoint and savvy with the internet
6. Has past experience of doing admin jobs and working with parents and children.
7. Has a decent command in English (both written and spoken)
8. Is adaptable and keen on learning new things
9. Is able to start work immediately
10. Is a bonus if you’ve some sales background

Working hours are:

Wednesdays (12 – 6 pm)
Thursdays & Fridays (12 – 8 pm)
Saturdays (9 am – 6 pm)
Sundays (9 am – 1 pm)
Close on Public Holidays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

If you feel this is a good fit for you, do send your CV to

If you know of anyone who is a good fit, do share with them this post.

*Only for Singaporeans or PR.

Chief Math Learning Strategist (Founder)