[Only for P4 – Problem Sums Holiday Programme]

As March holiday is coming really soon and a few parents are already asking if we can provide more support.

Most mark loss is due to carless mistakes made in short questions.

You want your child to score higher marks. So every mark is precious to your kid.

And every parent knows school holiday is the best time for your child to catch up.

So here’s what we’re going to do.

Due to space constraint, we can only do this for the first 10 sign-ups. (now left 7 slots only)

On 12/3 (Sunday), 10am to 1pm, our chief math trainer, John (myself) is going to run the P4 Topical Mastery class.

Only for P4s.

What are we covering:
– Smart techniques in answering short-answer questions so your child can secure the maximum marks he can get.
– Fast way of solving these questions and getting them correct during exams.
– Common mistakes made in CA1 (Get your child to learn these before he faces similar ones in SA1)

Fees: $120
For the first 5 sign-ups, your investment is only $100 ($20 off)

Once you have decided to sign up, just click on the payment link below.