[Call-out to Primary 5, 6 parents who are teaching your child problem sums at home and you still find that it’s a daily challenge.]

Back by popular demand since 2012

For Parents – Problem Sums Made Easy Workshop

1 Saturday session to choose from:

14th October (Saturday), 1.30pm – 4pm (sold out)

Venue: 144 Robinson Road #08-02 (Robinson Square behind Capital Tower, nearest MRT is Tanjong Pagar)

From F to A. Discover The Simple & Proven 5-Step System In Our Problem Sums Made Easy Parents Workshop (37th Run) That Has Helped Over 10,958 Parents To Learn Our Methodology Fast.

“Our Mathodology Got So Popular That Local & International Medias Approached Us To Find Out Our Secrets.”

Our mathodology of making math sooooo easy for children and parents have gotten so popular that we have been interviewed by international medias like CCTV News (China), TV Tokyo (Japan) and local medias like Channel 8 News, Lianhe Wanbao and The New Paper.

Featured in Channel 8 News

Featured in The New Paper

Featured in The Asian Parent

Featured in Lianhe Wanbao

Featured in CCTV (America)

Featured in TV (Tokyo)

In This Workshop, You’ll Learn…

How to solve the different types of problem sums the easy and systematic way.

(By the time your child reaches P6, he needs to know at least 12 types of problem sums types which some schools don’t even teach. The funny thing is they set these in your child’s math tests and exams!)

How to reduce their problem-solving time by 2 to 3X by applying the 5-step process which can be applied for ALL problem sums.

(You will learn a proven system which have helped students to solve even hard questions.)

How to identify keywords and key info so that your child can develop an effective plan to solve them.

(Most students will just dive in and try to swim. Is like trying to solve the questions in the Dark!)

How to tackle the “Double ifs” questions which are designed to differentiate the A* and A students.

(100% parents who attended our previous workshop couldn’t solve this. But after I had explained to them, they were all shocked by our simple solution. Their children also told us that it’s easy too.)

How to solve problem sums the more effective way. For example, how do you identify an “age difference” question and use “Same difference” method to solve it.

(By learning short-cuts, your child can cut the working time by 50%, freeing up the other half to check his work and reduce mark loss.)

And that’s not all…

“Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me”

My name is John Yeo, a father of two children and I can totally relate to how you are feeling right now.

I was a social worker for single-parents families and their children for 7 years (after I had graduated with an honours degree in NTU engineering)

I built my learning centre, Learning Out of the Box to further educate and empower parents and children to learn problem sums in a simpler and faster way.

We have taught our proven math model multiple times LIVE, right in front of hundreds of parents and children who attended our seminars, workshops and lessons.

In the past 3 years of running my centre and conducting parents seminars/ workshops, I have impacted more than 800 children and over 10,000 parents in Singapore.

Channel 8 News Live Interview

Parents Seminar in Novotel

Workshop for Our Parents Support Group

Parents Workshop To Coach More Parents

“The Truth Is Problem Sums Can Be Made Really Simple…Even Predictable.”

So predictable that you can literally spot the types of problem sums that are going to appear in your child’s next exam.

Once your child learns our secrets, problem sums will become more manageable and even easy for him.

Concepts + Processes + Skills + Drive + Interest

 Problem Sums Mastery + Grades Go Up!

Our proven problem sums model got so popular that I got to share with our Singaporean parents, along side with Tony Buzan who is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Mapping and expert on the brain, memory, speed reading, creativity and innovation.

“Here’s How Our Parents Are Benefiting From Our Parents Workshop…”

“Let Tina share with you how her son has regained his confidence änd now he is doing math without being told to. Even his home math tutor was shocked by this BIG improvement in his attitude.

Tina, mother of Aqil (P6)

“Let Yatie share with you how her child has improved a lot. 2 months ago, her son found Math really boring. Now he likes Math and his other subjects have ALSO IMPROVED!”.

Yatie, mother of Baqir (P5)

‘I‘ve been to many Math workshops offered in my child’s school and other math tuition centres. But Learning Out of the Box is the only centre which has made maths so simple and systematic that I can understand.’

Mac, mother of a P6 boy

‘I am so surprised that the problem sums are made so easy for parents, like me, to understand. Now, I can easily teach my 2 children.’

Val, mother of P5 and P6 girl

‘I didn’t know the problem sums are so easy to understand. They’ve made them so simple that any parent can understand.

So far, they are the only math coaches I have seen, who break down problem sums into small easy parts so parents like me can understand. The skills taught can also be used by my Sec 2 girl in her maths.’

Jesline, mother of a P6 boy and Sec 2 girl

‘I learnt about the different concepts & skills a child must possess in tackling math. They enlightened me by sharing the difficulties my child face in math.’

Fatimah, mother of a P4 boy and P6 girl.

“Here are more sharings from our happy and satisfied parents”

“…Regina scored 80 for her CA1 Maths…improved by over 42 marks from 38/100 from P5 SA2 last year…”

Grace, mother of P5 Regina

“…Shantelle scored well for her S2 math, she got 89 marksher marks has always been at 60+ since P3 even I put her to the math tutor who claim to be the top tutor in Singapore…However putting under you for only 2 months, we can see the improvement!”

Jesslyn, mother of P4 Shantelle

“Anisha has improved by 43 marks to 78 within 2 months or less!”

Geeta, mother of P6 Anisha

geetha anisha testimonial

“…scored 233 for her PSLE and got an A for her Prelim and B for math…Before this, she’s not really able to tackle tough problem sums.”

Salimah, mother of P6 Anisah

“So, John. I Really Want To Join Your Parents Workshop. How Much Will Be The Investment?”

The initial price is $100. When my team and I got together to have this workshop, our intent is to share with you and the many parents out there that problem sums can be made really easy.

This can be done within a short time and we are going to show you exactly how in the workshop.

So your price is going to be much less.

So to sign up for our workshop so that your child can start learning math the smarter way, do read on…

Here Are Your Parents Workshop Details…

1 session to choose from: 14th October (Saturday), 1.30pm – 4pm

Venue: 24 Clifford Centre #10-06 (next to Raffles Place MRT)

Who is it for: This workshop is Only for parents (if your child is in Primary 3-6)

Normal ticket price is $100 per adult.
For the first 5 sign ups who make payment now,
price is $28 per adult. ($50 for 2 adults. Save 12%)

Due to the size of our room, we can only hold for 50 parents. (Normally the tickets will be sold out within a day.)
Do register now to avoid disappointment.

Here’s How You Can Register Now…

All you need to do now is to simply click on the payment link below to register.

Now, fill in the form below to sign up for your Parents Math Workshop with John.

(Our last few workshops were FULL within a day and spaces are filling fast. Register NOW if you don’t want to miss out.)

Remember – your child has struggled enough in the last few years, having to try figure out the difficult problem sums despite having tuition.

If you don’t start providing the correct training to your child right now, he or she will continue to complain to you that problem sums are hard and you know you can’t offer any support.

So let our Problem Sums Made Easy Parents Workshop help you and your child start afresh in 2017. Start off on the right foot from the get-go.

Make sure that 2018 will be THE year your child begins to achieve a consistent improvement in Math.

It can certainly be done. Especially with me being able to guide you when I see you at this workshop.

All you need to do is to sign up right now, and your child will be on the way to developing sustainable improvement in Math starting from today.

John (Founder and Chief Math Trainer)

P.S. Your decision today will affect your child. You can either choose to let your child continue to struggle in problem sums or help him have a great head start.

Seats are limited so hesitate no more. Click on the link below to sign up right now.

“Learning Out of the Box’s method is not only focus on academic, but on holistic. I also learnt ways to connect better with my kid. It’s a fantastic workshop.”

Karine, mother of a P3 girl and P6 boy

‘I thought I’m good in maths but Learning Out of the Box made maths look even simpler. Now I have learnt new solving methods & I can identify the keywords just after one session.’

Mr Tan, dad of a P4 girl

**Kindly note that there is strictly no refund