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Especially for Parents of P3 to P5s: Just gotten back SA2 result? Has your child’s poor Math grade been a persistent source of headache for you in the last few years…even after going for countless Primary Math tuition?

Discover why your child’s Math woes never seem to end…and how he or she can finally learn the secrets of our Concept-Process-Skills (CPS) model to achieve a consistent 2- to 3-grade jump in Math in 2018…while developing a love for the subject!

“It’s so easy to get my son to travel for 45 mins to attend his lesson. His grade went from D to B (within 2 months)…This is the right place for children to learn!


Dear Parent,

My name is John Yeo, founder and chief Math coach at Learning Out of the Box.

I was a social worker for 7 years (after I had graduated with an honours degree in NTU engineering).

I built LOB to further educate and empower children. In the past 3 years, I have impacted more than 800 children and over 10,000 parents.

If you’re reading this, you are most likely not satisfied with your child’s Math SA2 results.

You have sent your child for countless tuition this entire year and yet, the results are not as good as you wanted.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

You could be pulling your hair out not just with your child’s lack of understanding, but also with his or her lack of motivation and interest in the subject which is…

A major factor that has made every single encounter with Math end up in a tug of war for your child’s attention.

Trust me, I understand this perfectly.

“What being a social worker has taught me about coaching our students to like to learn Math…”

Before I set up my math school with my team of math coaches, I became a social worker for 7 years and I have worked with over 400 children and single-parent families.

Those 7 years exposed me to children from a myriad of backgrounds.

Working with them closely has enabled me to realise that every child is unique and cannot be coached using the same method.

In the course of my work, I frequently come into contact with parents like you.

Parents who find themselves at their wits’ end every single year when it comes to their children’s poor Math grade.

And when they pour out their frustrations to us…oh boy…it seems as though we’re hearing the same story over and over again!

“Why most parents I have coached are facing similar problems…”


That’s because it didn’t take us long to spot similar patterns in all their stories – that is, many parents often wait until the last minute (or at the earliest, only after SA1) to send their children for intensive Math tuition classes.

Not only that – they’d have experienced the immense stress of such a mad rush, and their children often don’t do well in SA2 as a result.

But for some reason, they’ll do the same thing (i.e. send their children for tuition at the last minute) again next year!

Now, is there any wonder why their children’s Math woes never seem to end…and turn out to be a vicious cycle every single year instead?

You see, dear parent, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that life is meant to be a marathon, not a sprint.

The same logic can be applied to your child’s Math learning journey as well.

With realization of this simple logic, little did I expect that what I was about to find out would be so startling…

That many of our students, who used to fail (or even dislike Maths) are experiencing shocking results like this…

“Here’s how our students are benefiting from our CPS programme…”

“Anisha has improved by 43 marks to 78 within 2 months or less!”

geetha anisha testimonial

“…My daughter improved from Fail to 83 after going through your school’s programme!”




“Our proven 5-Step Problem Sums CPS Model is so popular that local and international medias approached us”

Featured in Channel 8 News

Featured in The New Paper

Featured in The Asian Parent

Featured in Lianhe Wanbao

Featured in CCTV (America)

Featured in TV (Tokyo)



“What not to do if you want your child to really improve…”

What many parents have been doing, by sending their children to intensive Primary Math tuition classes only in the second half of the year, is this…

Putting them through sprint after sprint, giving them just short-term boosts that won’t last in the long-term.

This means that no solid foundation is being established for your child’s long-term Math learning journey.

Resulting in him or her being subjected to short-term “hit-and-run” approaches to learning Math all these while!

Hence, the solution to your child’s Math woes is glaringly simple –

Start tackling your child’s Math learning journey as a marathon, not a sprint!

“What should be done now to fully master problem sums…”

First of all, stop “taking it easy” now because SA 2 is just over.

This period of time is extremely precious to start your child off on the right foot in his or her Math learning journey!

Your child can either revisit concepts learnt in the previous year, or begin to solidify his or her understanding of new concepts taught in the current year.

Such constant revision ensures more in-depth understanding of the subject in the long-term.

In addition, ample time and space afforded by this part of the year greatly reduces your child’s stress and anxiety next year.

This enables mastery of Math skills with a long-term goal, instead of skimming the surface of concepts just to deal with 2018 CA1.

“Here’s why our proven simple 5-step Problem Sums model has worked very well for thousands of our students and parents…”


However, being able to master Math concepts and exam smart skills much better is not the only benefit for your child, when starting the all-important Math learning journey from the first half of the year.

You see, every child is unique and cannot be coached using the same method.

Starting your child’s Math learning journey early in the year provides the necessary time and space to discover his or her unique learning style, and adapt to it!

After all, beyond being good at the technicalities of Math, motivation and interest in the subject is the most sustainable in the long-term.

And such motivation and interest can only arise if your child’s unique needs are being adequately addressed.

Recognising this, my team of Math specialists and I have designed a Math programme to better cater to the different learning styles and capabilities of each child, including yours.

We’ll zoom in on addressing your child’s unique needs to strengthen understanding and internalisation of Math concepts, as well as impart essential skills and processes that will serve him or her well to solve challenging Math problems in the long-term.

“This is what your child will experience after using our E.S.S model…”

Concepts + Processes + Skills + Drive + Interest

 Problem Sums Mastery + Grades Go Up!



“Here’s what happened to one of our students, who eventually love to learn Math…”

“…My girl scored 80 and has improved by over 42 marks…she even shared what you taught with her class in school!…“

“…Most importantly, we place a lot of emphasis on cultivating motivation and interest in Math…

Our aim is for your child to not only do Math independently, but also be able to enjoy the subject tremendously!

That’s because fun and engaging methods naturally translate into your child’s Math grade improving by leaps and bounds…just like our 832 students (and counting) in the past 4 years, many of which have achieved a consistent 2- to 3-grade jump in Math as a result of going through our Exam Smart Skills programme!

- lob-math-coaching-john-students

As you can see, there are immense advantages in tackling your child’s Math learning journey as a marathon, not a sprint!

By doing so, your child will have ample time and space to ensure in-depth comprehensive understanding of Math concepts and skills.

And most importantly, your child’s unique learning needs will be adequately addressed, in order to create sustained motivation and interest in the subject!

Once your child is empowered with the drive and desire to better his or her own Math understanding, results will definitely come naturally…and consistently throughout the years!

So if you want to stop making the mistake of putting your child through sprint after sprint, year after year, with little to no result…and start gearing up to finish strongly for the marathon (the Math learning journey in the long-term), I’m ready to help!


“Here’s what our happy parents are saying about us…”

“…My girl scored 80.5 up from 66…she was so happy with her result and very thankful for your coaching…“

“…I’m happy for you…keep up the good work in guiding the children who need help in math…

“…now she asks more questions and she even took the initiatives to check her work…“



“Let Tina share with you how her son has regained his confidence in less than 6 weeks. And now he is doing math without being told to. Even his home math tutor was shocked by this BIG improvement in his attitude.

Tina, mother of P6 Aqil

“Let Joseph tell you why having to travel 1 hour to our centre and 1 hour back home is TOTALLY WORTH IT! Especially when his son’s school math teacher couldn’t even help him!…Everything paid off in the end when his son’s grade jumped by 30 marks within 3 months!”

Joseph, father of P6 Joshua


Here’s what you get from our quick 20-minute phone consultation:

1. Know how the common problem sums are being categorised. (There are 2 distinct groups which require 2 unique study techniques. The thing is not many parents know about this.)

2. Discover the 3 important aspects in Problem Sums Mastery. They need not be so hard for your child. (We will share with you our simple CPS model that is simpler, smarter and more effective for you and your child.)

3. Learn ONE simple technique your child can start implement at home Right Now so that problem sums become easier for him. (We will share with you our KCNSU tactic)

4. Know our P-4-E technique. This is so powerful that many parents told us that once they apply this at home, their children are able to do math by themselves without nagging at them. Isn’t this what most parents want? (We will teach you how to train your child to become a self-directed learner.)

5. Learn how you can tap on our CPS Model to help your child better manage problem sums so that he can eventually score the grade he wants

Due to the fact that we are committed to our students during their lessons, we only take 7 consults a day, fill in your details in the form below and learn how to make problem sums easier now.

Simply fill in the contact form below with your details, and we’ll contact you to explain more, over a short 20-min phone consultation.

Remember – your child has struggled enough in the last few years, having to try winning a marathon despite being given only sprint training.

If you don’t start providing the correct training to your child right now (before school reopens next year), he or she will only deteriorate in the long-term.

So let our academic team help you and your child start afresh in 2018. Start off on the right foot from the get-go.

Make sure that 2018 will be THE year your child begins to achieve a consistent 2- to 3-grade jump in Math.

It can certainly be done. Especially with our experienced Math coaches to guide you and your child.

All you need to do is to get in touch with our team right now, and your child will be on the way to developing sustainable improvement in Math for the long-term!

Speak to you soon!

To Your Child’s Success,

John Yeo (Founder) and our Team of Math Specialists
Learning Out Of The Box Education Centre


“Who we are and why we set up this school at a glance”

Hi there, my name is John Yeo, the founder of our school, Learning Out of the Box.

Here’s some background about me: I used to be a social worker before I was a Math trainer, where I worked with and helped mainly single  parents and their children. Through my 7 years of experience counselling children, I came to realise that every child is unique and can’t be coached using the same method.

What I discovered was that one of the main reasons that many children who were not doing well in subjects like Maths is because each of us has different learning styles and capabilities.

One of the disturbing facts I had discovered is the amount of impact of school’s grades has on the self-esteem of a child these days.

The truth is if a child is fully engaged in a fun and interesting lesson, his grades is bound to increase by leaps and bounds.

I believe that every parent wants her child to have high self-esteem. I know that because I’m a dad too with two girls and I also want my children to grow up to be confident kids.

This is the precise reason why I decided to set up our school and be a Math trainer to coach children as well as parents in how to learn Math in a fun and effective way.

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Opening hours are:

Wednesdays (12 – 6 pm)
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