[💕Especially for P3-6 Parents who still find that it’s a struggle to teach your child problem sums.]

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– Covering important tests/ exams problem sums study techniques using our guidebooks.

*Over 200 parents are keen but our room can only hold a meet up for 15 pax. So limited seats!

“The books are very helpful! Simplified and structured! It helps me to understand what’s needed my child need to know for her level.
Thanks for not only sharing maths tips but also tips on how to motivate our children to excel better.”

From mummy P4 Nicole.

“I like LOB simplified maths methods and have bought all John’s books. It helps me to learn and pick up primary school maths and teach my kids.
Definitely will recommend to other friends LOB.”

From mummy P5 Karen

We know our guidebooks work wonders for many parents.

So, we are going to show you exactly how to use them for your child during this Parents Meet Up

🥇Here’s what my team and I have planned for you when you are here with us.

📌One easy study strategy to narrow down what your child only need to study just before his tests/ exams.

(It’s not the number of questions; it’s HOW you study for problem sums that matters and I will show you how.)

📌One Simple System in using our guidebooks so your child eventually can learn math on his own – without your help.

(Does the questions seem endless? Use this Simple technique to help your child be more independent in doing problem sums.)

📌One Smart Cut in solving problem sums the Right way.

(8 out of 10 children I have asked are solving them the slower and wrong way. Teach your child how to solve them Faster.)


✅Date/Day: 7/3/2019, Thursday

✅Time: 7pm – 8.30pm

✅Venue: Our LOB centre in Ang Mo Kio

✅Fees: $29 per parent (For the first 5 sign-ups, it’s only $19. Save $10!)

✅Who is this for:
Only for parents who want to learn from my team and I on how to better teach and support their children in problem sums.

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