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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Our Math Coaching Programme About?

Our math programme is a coaching (not tuition) programme and we use the Concepts-Processes-Skills (CPS) model. Our programme focuses on helping children develop interest in learning simpler, smarter and more effective problem sums solving techniques. We work with your child on helping him to improve his math content, strengthen his problem sums concepts and learn important skillsets required to solve problem sums and other exam questions while building their self-confidence. We also collaborate closely with parents on how to better support your child emotionally.

The programme is so child-centred and unique that we have been interviewed by international news network like CCTV News (中国中央电视台) and TV Tokyo (东京电视台). You may have also seen us being featured in local medias like Channel 8 News, ‘The New Paper’, ‘My Paper (我报)’, ‘Lianhe Wanbao (联合晚报)’ and ‘The Asian Parents’. Even BBC World TV contacted us for an interview.

How Is Your Coaching Programme Different From Other Normal Math Tuition?

Most conventional tutors or tuition centres only focus on helping children improve their content knowledge. Topics are basically always covered. Concepts and skills are not really taught. However, from our over 10 years of experience working with children, children find it very challenging to apply what they have learnt.

To start improving in math, your child must learn application skills which can help him effectively apply what he has learnt during normal revision and score well in exams. This is why we coach your child in all 3 areas – concepts, processes and skills. All our students have learnt a proven 5-step technique to solve any problem sum.

For Whom Is This Math Coaching Program For?

For children who:

– are struggling in math and want to improve but don’t know how
– are still failing and are clueless about how to move on
– hate math but still want to do well in this subject
– dislike learning math in school (because the teaching methods doesn’t interest them) and still want to learn math well


For parents who:

– want their children to improve their math and enjoy learning it at the same time
– want their stressed-out children to learn how to improve math and manage their stresses at the same time
– want their children to learn in a fun and healthy environment which focuses on tapping the children’s uniqueness and strengths
– are seeking external help so that they (parents and coaches) can work together to help their children to enjoy learning and improve math

For Whom Is This Math Coaching Program NOT For?

For children who:

– are failing math and not wanting to work hard to improve
– are looking for a miracle way to improve without putting in any effort


For parents who:

– are just chasing grades and do not believe in the joy of learning and helping their children to develop a healthy way of learning
– are looking for a fast way to improve math without the child putting in effort and hard work
– aren’t interested in working with the coaches to find a collaborative effort to help their kids.

What Is The Fee Structure Like?

For trial students, the payment is only for the four paid lessons (plus one compulsory 1-day intensive workshop for P4/5/6 to reinforce their problem sums knowledge).

For our students who have signed up for regular lessons, all are paying term payment (for 3 months).

As we’re committed to all our students and we’re using our in-house materials, books and worksheets to help your child to eventually get the grades he wants to work towards to, there will also be material fees. Other standard costs include deposit and registration fees.

My Child Is Not Doing Well In Paper 2 (problem sums). How Will Your Programme Help Her?

The main reason that most children struggle in Paper 2 (and also other problem sums) is that they lack the skills in understanding the 11 problem sums types/ concepts and applying what they have learnt. They also lack the skills in identifying the different question types and knowing how to start.

There are a total of 5 processes to be learnt as there are over 11 types of questions. For example, most children do not know the existence of “same difference” concept and “remainder” concept.

Or they can’t differentiate “simultaneous” concept with “guess and check”.

Or most children are still solving “guess and check” question using tables and spending 10 minutes. In fact, they could have solved the same question within 1 to 2 minutes using the 4-step Assumption method.

The aim of our programme is to help your child learn and master these concepts and skills so that he can better manage the problem sums during the tests/ exams and get the marks he deserve.

Are Your Coaches Qualified And Good Enough To Teach My Child?

Our coaches are specially chosen and selected based on a set of strict criteria by our manager and our founder. All our coaches have great interpersonal skills and excellent academic track record. They have also helped many students to improve their grades. So we’re able to inspire your child to maximize his potential.

Can My Child's Coaching Fees Be Pro-Rated If He Is Absent For Any Lessons?

If your child is new and has signed up for our 4 lessons paid trial, the fee paid is for the 4 lessons.

Once you have decided to sign your child up with us for regular lessons, the coaching fees to be paid are term-based (3 months). It’s not based on a student’s attendance of that month. If your child is unwell, all you need to do is to arrange for a make-up lesson within the same week so that he doesn’t miss that week’s important lesson. Please show your child’s medical certificate to qualify for it.

Will There Be A Make-Up Lesson If My Child Is Unable To Attend Class?

Yes, we do allow students to arrange for make-up. However, your child has to inform us at least 2 days before his usual class so we can arrange the make-up lesson to be done within the week. There won’t be any make-up if a student fails to inform us before his usual lesson. There is no make-up for missed make-up lessons.

Can My Child Bring His School Work To Be Done During/After His Lesson With Your Coach?

We allow students to ask our coaches any school homework after the lesson. However, as this is not a 1-1 coaching lesson, each child is only allowed at most 2 minutes of consultation after the lesson. Our coaches will only go through only if the student has shown effort in attempting to solve the question.

Will My Child Improve Or Score Well After Attending Your Coaching Lesson?

No learning centre can guarantee the progress of any child. No learning centre is a miracle centre. Based on our experience of working with over 1000 of children, our students who improve or score well are those who eventually mastered our concepts, processes and skills, they come for lessons regularly and on time PLUS they practice consistently at home. (Your child only spend 2-4 hours in Learning Out Of The Box but spent most of his time at home.)

Every child is unique and takes different period of time to show improvement. Having said this, those who work hard consistently normally show improvement after 3 to 6 months.