P4 (2024) –

Concepts, Processes, and Skillsets (CPS) Course is Open for Registration.

For Parents Who Are Committed To Improve Their Math Grades… And Score Higher Marks On The Next Exam!

Do You Know The #1 Reason Why P4s Continue To Struggle With Their Problem Sums in P5? Learn The 12-Concept Strategic Formula To Ace Pri Math & 2/3X Your Child’s Confidence At The Same Time!

4-Day CPS Problem Sums Physical Workshop Details

Especially for P4s (2024) –

12 – 15 March 2024 (Tue-Fri, 4 Days)

Time: 10 am – 12.30 pm

Venue: Kovan, 203 Hougang Street 21 #02-87

Trainer: Coach Willy

“Coach Willy is one of the most caring and patient coaches I’ve ever seen.
My child doesn’t like maths. But after 1 lesson, he did it by himself and wanted to do more.

Thank you, Coach Willy.

* * *

Other Bonuses In Your CPS Quick Starter Kit;

1 X CPS Digital Workbook (worth $58)

Replay Video (Value at $197)

Total Value – Over $250!

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“Ashley scored 70.5 this SA2, up from 38 from the previous paper.”

Concepts, Processes and Skillsets (CPS)


“Why is my child still doing badly in maths and still not able to understand and apply what is being taught… even though I’m already sending them for tuition?”

In our 10+ years of coaching thousands of students, we’ve learnt one important thing:

There is a HUGE gap in the way students are learning Math right now!

And if you can spare the next 5 minutes to continue reading, I’ll be sharing the exact reason why most students still score badly for Math exams, even though they study hard, and the EXACT solution you and your child can immediately use to quickly boost grades, as well as be 110% PREPARED for the exams!

If you want your child to catch-up or even gain a significant head start over others, I’d like you and your child to attend our LOB CPS Course!

Here’s what will be covered when your child joins us:

For P4/5:

Over 10 must-know problem sums concepts like More/less than, Equal concept.

Challenging topics that involve Fractions and other essential topics.

Hard to visualise math questions testing you on Type 2 Problem Sums Types and many more which are important for your child’s exams.

The “CPS” Model Used By Hundreds Of Our Students To Score At Least 75 marks For Any Math Exam – Concepts, Processes, Skillsets.

By tapping into these 3 pillars that govern the entire learning process from start to end, your child will discover a brand-new way to learn – in the most suitable way designed to ace any Math exam!

3 “Problem Sum Secrets” To Instantly Boost Your Child’s Grades

With the “CPS” Model, we’ll be teaching your child 3 powerful “secret techniques” in tackling problem sums, that will not only help to answer Problem Sums more clearly… But allow your child to IMMEDIATELY boost results by as much as 2-3 grades!

THE “3QAD” TECHNIQUE – A simple yet highly effective learning strategy that will allow your child to improve and even tackle the most challenging maths questions by themselves, without requiring your constant guidance! (This not only saves you time as a parent, but equips your child to become a self-directed learner!)

The “KCNSU Instant Problem Sums Simplifier” Tactic – An easy-to-apply tactic that your child can immediately use at home to tackle problem sums at least 50% faster than usual! This RAPIDLY speeds up your child’s learning curve and even lets them catch up to their higher-scoring peers in a matter of weeks!

Many, many more Maths learning tips, techniques and strategies your child can immediately apply as soon as RIGHT AFTER the workshop… (because every CPS workshop is unique.)

CPS Course by ‘Learning Out Of The Box’

You and your child will get access to all these powerful strategies at the course for a highly reasonable price of $457.

What does this mean?

It means that for $547, your child will NEVER see Maths the same way ever again! By the time your child completes the course, Math will be fun, easy to learn, and easy to excel in!

It means that for $547, your child will be equipped with the Concepts, Processes, and Skillsets (CPS) to score well for PSLE Math! And more importantly, gain an advantage over other students.

It means that for $547, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that Maths will come as a BREEZE to your child, even if the past exam results say otherwise! You will never have to nag, scold, or continuously force your child to study Maths.


Because I won’t just be teaching your child how to succeed in the subject:

I’ll be helping your child fall in love with it. I’ll be transforming his/her mindset towards Maths!

NEVER will your child have to place the outcome of Maths results in the hands of someone else. Instead, your child will be empowered to aim for the top and work hard and smart to get that “AL1/2” grade for PSLE Math.

All that for $547? Pretty worth it, right?

Let me make it even better for you. For the first 5 parents who register their children, you’ll get:

Super Early Bird Promo (Only for the next 5 students) –
Only $497 (You Save $50)! *Early bird price.

I understand that since this course is held during the school holidays, you may have other plans like vacations and outings.

That’s why I want to make this even better for you. Hence, the super early bird promo.

Don’t make the common mistake of thinking “There’s still a few more months to go! Why start so early?”

Many parents before you made that grade-crushing mistake. And their children paid the price.

Start early, get a headstart. Get more certainty. Get more prepared than others.

Start late, and you’ll leave it to fate. Don’t “roll the dice” with your child’s grades. You’ll most likely lose.

The choice is obvious. So what are you waiting for?

P.S. Due to popular, overwhelming demand from many other parents to significantly improve their child’s Maths grades, seats to the workshop are being taken up fast!

As of now, just 5 Super Early Bird Promo seats remain at our workshop. So if you don’t want your child to lose out to others, sign up now before they’re all gone!

Terms and Conditions:

– I’ve confirmed my child’s commitments and schedule before signing up for this program.

– Payment that I’ve made is for the course that I’ve signed up for.

– I’m aware this is a centre-based course.

– Fees paid are STRICTLY NON-REFUNDABLE or NON-TRANSFERABLE to other LOB courses/ dates/ attendee/ books/ online membership under any circumstances.

– For my child to fully benefit from this workshop, I understand that his/her full attendance and commitment is very important. Should my child is unable to attend any day(s) of the workshop, I understand that the unattended lesson’s fees are non-refunded.

– In the event of missed lesson, no refund will be given nor can any absence be used to offset any payment. This is to ensure fairness among all students.

– In the event of missed lesson, there is no make-up to replace the missed lesson.

– All Learning Out of the Box online and offline courses/ workshops are non-exchangeable and all fees paid for are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Updated as of 29 July 2022.