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January 8 2021
Surprising Ways You Can Improve Your Child’s Primary School English Composition Writing with Esther Leng

December 4 2020
What’s Not Covered In Schools 3 Essential 21st Century Skills From Coding From Deddy


December 1 2020
Using Artificial Intelligence To Ace Learning Chinese by Dan Tang


November 11 2020
3 Key Lessons For Scoring In P4-6 Chinese with Rosalind Ong


November 9 2020
Raising Capable & Confident Children using Neuromapping with Lenny Pai Nan


November 5 2020
Helping your child speak a language that you don’t with Wendy Kek


November 4 2020
Building a firm foundation for Expository Essays (Sec) and General Paper (JC) with Joey Tan


November 3 2020
Public Speaking for Children with Kelvin Tan


October 31 2020
Learn how 100% of our students scored A& A* for PSLE Chinese many years! with Vivien Le


October 29 2020
Help your child ace the oral exam and beat exam anxiety with Felicia Chen


October 29 2020
How Leadership Skills Helped My Son Get Into Cambridge with Petunia Lee


October 14 2020
The Unknown World of Paper Engineering with Jit Sharma


October 14 2020
Character Building Through Open Water Swimming with Fish Tang


October 12 2020
How I Became A $30M Tech Entrepreneur From 17 Years Old by Alvin Poh


October 9 2020
The best gift for your children is a farmer’s mindset by Jay Neo


October 6 2020
Hope for the busy father by Parcsen Loke


October 2 2020
Integrating children into mainstream syllabi with a positive outcome with Rosalind Grant


September 22 2020
Overcoming The Procrastination Monster with Mike Li


September 22 2020
How to tackle EL Compre OE and Science MCQ using techniques and elimination by Elaine Yoong


September 21 2020
Secrets to scoring additional 10 marks for PSLE Chinese with Sherina Koh


September 21 2020
How to support our bullied child and how to build a profound relationship? with Esther Buerki


September 3 2020
The art of developing Confidence, Better Posture and Discipline through Ballet with Evelyn Wong


September 2 2020
How to help your kids to learn SMART to score well with Eugene Seah


September 1 2020
How parental involvement affects a child’s educational achievement with Lu Wai


August 31 2020
Secure Full Marks in Section B Science with Li Su


August 31 2020
Is Art = Creativity? with Li Fong


August 25 2020
Technology’s creating a growing divide in tutors. What does it mean for you? with Caleb


August 25 2020
How to have healthy glowing skin for busy mothers with Kim Le Sambolec


August 24 2020
Helping My Child Manage Stress Effectively by Joy Hou


August 24 2020
Parent-teacher engagement for a child’s well-being with Dawn Wong


August 21 2020
Raising Avid and Intelligent Readers – The Whys and Hows with Joyce Chiang


August 20 2020
Preparing our kids for the uncertain future with Jackie They


August 19 2020
The Ultimate Design Tips for Kid’s Spaces with Kat Tan


August 18 2020
Sports and growing up with my Dad with Roy Poh and Kyra Poh


August 17 2020
Teaching Our Kids to Rise Above Failures & Pressures with Meiling Wong


August 17 2020
How to manifest success with positive thoughts and action with Stella Hoh


August 12 2020
Building Resilience Through Failures with Benjamin Loh


August 11 2020
Scoring Full Marks for Comprehension Open-ended with Dr Daniel Chua


August 11 2020
How to get your primary school child keen on Science with Teacher Jo


August 7 2020
Tackling Paper 2 in Primary English with Monique Holdorff


August 5 2020
Fundamental Movement Games for Parent & Child Bonding with Janine Tan


August 5 2020
Winning Relationships at Home Make For Winners in School with Darren Tan


August 5 2020
Wellbeing during this pandemic – What’s your opportunity? Wtih Kavita


August 4 2020
How to get your toddler to imitate actions, sounds and words


August 4 2020
Top 3 misconceptions for JC Econs with Jeffrey Teo


August 4 2020
Mindful Tangle that aids Concentration with Agnes Khew


August 1 2020
For Working Parents – How to Speak English Confidently While Meeting Your Team In The Virtual Office Space with Olive Tan


July 29 2020
Raising Financially Savvy Kids with Ernest Tan


July 29 2020
Confident Communication through drama with Ginny Toh


July 29 2020
Part 2 out of 2 – PSLE English Math Science Quick Tip by Coach John, Teacher Jayce and Teacher Rosalind


July 28 2020
Revise Chinese in a fun and effective way! With Esther Wong


July 28 2020
Chinese astrology and fengshui for academia by MK


July 27 2020
Part 1 out of 2 – PSLE English Math Science Quick Tip by Coach John, Teacher Jayce and Teacher Rosalind


July 27 2020
Changing Digital Landscape: How can parents equip their child with the skills of tomorrow? with Deddy Setiadi


July 21 2020
Cooking for Family by Qiqi


July 20 2020
Tweens and Teens Skincare with Jasmine Kang


July 16 2020
Intentional Parenting: How to Journey Alongside Children In Their Formative Years by Violet Lim


July 15 2020
Sneaking some self-care ‘me-time’ for busy parents by Hwee Hwee


July 14 2020
Essential oil for daily healthy study with minimum stress by Charlene Tan


July 14 2020
Raising Independent and Confident Children by Magesh and daughter Harini


July 13 2020
Why It’s Important to Take Care of Your Skin by Janet Lim


July 13 2020
Primary School Children Health with Herbs By Queena Kok


July 8 2020
How to raise future-ready kids post Covid-19 with Eugene Seah


July 8 2020
Kiss Sleepless Nights Goodbye! by Zoe Chu


July 7 2020
How to manage family and build profitable business from home by Michelle Hon


July 7 2020
Relationships@Home 24/7: Strained Vs Strengthened with David Chan


July 6 2020
Helping kids be self directed learners By Kia Li and daughter Shan Yew


July 6 2020
Bringing Out The Best In Your Introverted Child by Mervin Yeo


July 4 2020
7 Must-know Tips for Chinese Oral Reading By Rosalind Ong


July 4 2020
Q&A Session for Daily Make Tips, common mistakes & tricks to tackle them with ease. By Linda Lee


July 1 2020
How to Speak English Naturally and Clearly! by Teacher Olive Tan


June 30 2020
Navigating the Teenage Years with Karen Ang


June 29 2020
How to make speaking Chinese fun for your kids by Averil Luo


June 24 2020
Nurturing the Storyteller in Your Child with Claudine Fernandez


June 23 2020
Instilling Creativity in Our Children to do well in Math Problem Sums by Teacher Amu


June 22 2020
Helping parents who teach to cope with stress By Sofie Hon


June 19 2020
PSLE Science – 3 Key Focus Areas for Your Child in This Last Sprint! By Jayce Or


June 19 2020
3 Critical Factors That Is Stopping Your Child From Doing Well In Maths & How You Can Easily Help Your Child With This 1 Simple Tip! by Coach Javier


June 17 2020
How to help your child cope with exam stress? by Stuart Tan  


June 15 2020 (Problem sums module 1 video 4 Same difference Type 2)  


June 15 2020 (Problem sums module 1 video 3 Fraction of fraction)  


June 15 2020 (How not to struggle when your child transits to Sec One. By Jason Lee)  


June 12 2020 (2 ifs 2-part problem sum)  


June 12 2020 (More/ less than with 2 identities and 3 identities (using make part to whole method)  


April 14 2020 (How to create your own math note book)  


April 14 2020 (Touching only on essentials of your child’s topics)  


April 12 2020 (Struggling with HBL? Do this one more thing for 2/3X more effective math learning.)  


April 3 2020 (Survive Home-Based Learning – Together)  


April 2 2020 (3 simple steps to do a daily study plan with your kid)  


April 1 2020 (How to really start teaching your kid? Take these bitesize steps)  


March 30 2020 (How to start teaching your child math at home?)  


March 24 2020 (Stay Calm and Use Your BTS problem sums solving method)  


March 24 2020 (Learning tactics vs strategies)  


March 23 2020 (Q&A on how to support your child in maths during such times)  


February 5 2020 (What are the suitable solving methods for primary school maths?)  


January 31 2020 (P3-6 Grouping for guess n check)  


January 30 2020 (P3-6, 3 simple tips to start doing well for Ca1/Sa1)  


January 9 2020 (Equal fractions (1 out of the 11 must know problem sum types by P5)  


December 4 2019 (If Problem Sums is Sports, here are your Game Rules)  


November 29 2019 (Why doing well in problem sums needs struggling and slowing down)


November 27 2019 (How I plan this January 2020 parent-child workshop n what’s in it for you!)


November 25 2019 (Updates on parent and child math workshop in January 2020 and why we plan them this way)


November 22 2019 (Upcoming math home study trend with these 4 benefits)


November 21 2019 (P6s. Congratulations on reaching a new start)


November 20 2019 (How to react on PSLE result release day)


November 13 2019 (P4-6 – Discover how you can use our math guidebooks for maximum results)


November 13 2019 (P1-3 – Discover how you can use our math guidebooks for maximum results)


November 11 2019 (How to end 2019 strong and better prepare for 2020)


November 9 2019 (NEXT BIG TREND in education & 8 ways on how you can easily do it too!) 


November 7 2019 (How to help your child build lasting habits in math?)


November 6 2019 (How to make FULL use of Nov/ Dec to start 2020 stronger?)


November 5 2019 (What questions will I ask to help my child?)


November 4 2019 (Protecting your child’s self confidence. Plus 2 more key things)


October 31 2019 (Two things you need to do well in math! P + E = H.L )


October 30 2019 (3 simple steps after SA2)


October 14 2019 (Sa2 Prep. 3 simple strategies to follow and apply at home.)


September 29 2019 (Mid point for P6s, building mental resilience in our kids)


September 27 2019 (PSLE math is already over. What should you do now?)


September 20 2019 (What to do for this last week before your PSLE MATH.)


September 18 2019 (How to study during this last lap of P6)


August 30 2019 (Indirect proportion for speed)


August 29 2019 (Remainder Concept)


August 28 2019 (Notes taking for A/A* grade)


August 7 2019 (For P1/P2)


August 7 2019 (For P3)


August 7 2019 (For P4)


August 7 2019 (For P5/P6)


July 4 2019 (2 types of 2 if)


April 13 2019 (2 ifs, type 2)


February 21 2019 (Remainder type 2 concept)


February 14 2019 (Part 3: Guess and Check and the sub types)


February 13 2019 (Part 2: Same One problem sum type) 


February 13 2019 (Part 1: P3-6: Must-know Problem Sums types)


January 30 2019 (Easy way to SPOT exam questions)


January 24 2019 (Grouping concept for P4-6)


January 22 2019 (Easy steps to solve any problem sum)


November 15 2018 (P5/P6 How to use our math books to score higher?)


November 14 2018 (P1-P4 How to use our math books to score higher?)


October 12 2018 (Head Start for 2019: For P3-P6)


October 11 2018 (Head Start for 2019: For K2-P3)


September 27 2018 (P6 Speed, Working Backwards, Number Patterns)


September 21 2018 (How to clear exam papers fast?)


September 20 2018 (PSLE – Important/Urgent) 


September 14 2018 (P4/5 Grouping)


August 24 2018 (Folding angles using heart shape technique)


August 17 2018 (ACE Method)


August 3 2018 (P4 Remainder – Part 1 of 2)


August 3 2018 (P4 Remainder – Part 2 of 2)


July 24 2018 (How to study for CA2 Problem Sums?)


July 12 2018 (Repeated Identity)


July 5 2018 (Simultaneous Type 2)


June 7 2018 (Use ratio to solve this % question)


May 31 2018 (Remainder concept type 3)


May 24 2018 (Remainder Concept Type 4)


May 13 2018 (Mother’s Day Special)


May 10 2018 (Shortcut for Remainder Type 2) –


April 27 2018 (Which LOB book should you start with?) –