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November 7 (How to help your child build lasting habits in math?)

November 6 (How to make FULL use of Nov/ Dec to start 2020 stronger?)

November 5 (What questions will I ask to help my child?)

November 4 (Protecting your child’s self confidence. Plus 2 more key things)

October 31 (Two things you need to do well in math! P + E = H.L )

October 30 (3 simple steps after SA2)

October 14 (Sa2 Prep. 3 simple strategies to follow and apply at home.)

September 29 (Mid point for P6s, building mental resilience in our kids)

September 27 (PSLE math is already over. What should you do now?)

September 20 (What to do for this last week before your PSLE MATH.)

September 18 (How to study during this last lap of P6)

August 30 (Indirect proportion for speed)

August 29 (Remainder Concept)

August 28 (Notes taking for A/A* grade)

August 7 (For P1/P2)

August 7 (For P3)

August 7 (For P4)

August 7 (For P5/P6)

July 4 (2 types of 2 if)

April 13 (2 ifs, type 2)

February 21 (Remainder type 2 concept)

February 14 (Part 3: Guess and Check and the sub types)

February 13 (Part 2: Same One problem sum type) 

February 13 (Part 1: P3-6: Must-know Problem Sums types)

January 30 (Easy way to SPOT exam questions)

January 24 (Grouping concept for P4-6)

January 22 (Easy steps to solve any problem sum) 

November 15 (P5/P6 How to use our math books to score higher?)

November 14 (P1-P4 How to use our math books to score higher?)

October 12 (Head Start for 2019: For P3-P6)

October 11 (Head Start for 2019: For K2-P3)

September 27 (P6 Speed, Working Backwards, Number Patterns)

September 21 (How to clear exam papers fast?)

September 20 (PSLE – Important/Urgent) 

September 14 (P4/5 Grouping)

August 24 (Folding angles using heart shape technique)

August 17 (ACE Method)

August 3 (P4 Remainder – Part 1 of 2)

August 3 (P4 Remainder – Part 2 of 2)

July 24 (How to study for CA2 Problem Sums?)

July 12 (Repeated Identity)

July 5 (Simultaneous Type 2)

June 7 (Use ratio to solve this % question)

May 31 (Remainder concept type 3)

May 24 (Remainder Concept Type 4)

May 13 (Mother’s Day Special)

May 10 (Shortcut for Remainder Type 2) –

April 27 (Which LOB book should you start with?) –