Our LOB Story

John Yeo, Founder

John Yeo, Founder

Our centre was founded in 2013 by John Yeo – a father of three daughters, two of which are now primary school students themselves.

Since the birth of the centre, John has aspired to build a learning place with a motivating and nurturing environment where his daughters and other children can better manage the challenging primary school problem sums, build their confidence and eventually fall in love with Maths – all at the same time.

What Makes LOB Different?

LOB was started off by a parent himself. He could relate to other parent’s daily struggles of juggling between work and spending time with the love of their lives – their children.

After testing and failing on multiple instances (and rising stronger after every failure), our team has finally created a proven simple model which makes problem sums easier for both children and their parents.

Our models are all easy to learn so our parents can understand and better support their children at home too.

Why Do We Do It?

Simply because we believe parents (like us) are the biggest supporters of our children. That’s it!

And what we do works. We are one of the few centres which have been invited by a school’s Vice-Principal to train their Maths HODs, Maths teachers and to support their parents for all the primary levels.

What Else Should You Know About Us?

LOB centre was started off from ground zero with no VC or any external funding.

We overcame tons of obstacles (plus more ahead) but that doesn’t stop us from shaping our dream school into today’s reality.

All we want is to maintain a centre which supports our children in school and also equips them with real problem solving skills which can benefit them for life.

We never chased any business awards because we always focus on our students. We also constantly devote our time outside of the centre to educate parents in our Facebook page and group online community. (Over 10,000 of them! And still growing!)

Interested to invest $55K-100K in having your own LOB centre? Keen to talk to us so you can help more children?

If you are keen to start up your own centre and lead a team to help make problem sums easier for more children and their parents, we wish to connect with you.

We are looking for like-minded parents/educators/business owners to start another LOB branch elsewhere in Singapore. The aim is to reach more children who can enjoy learning and solving problem sums, build their self-esteem and love for the subject and eventually become self-directed learners – for life.

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