Exclusive Opportunity For Parents Who Want To Coach Their P1-P5 Child in Math This Holidays!

In Just 20mins… Take Home The Exam Tested Math Strategies Used By Singapore’s No.1 Math Coach To Help Your Child Breakthrough To Higher Math Grades in 2019!

Let John Yeo, an “international Math Celebrity” featured in numerous local and international media, reveal his tested and proven “Mathodologies” that have enabled hundreds of his students to jump by 2-3 grades in math!
  • Founder & Chief Math Coach at Learning Out of the Box Pte Ltd Tuition Centre
  • Author of A*Star Maths assessment books and 8 published math strategy books
  • Proven track record in helping over 800 students to achieve ‘A’ for PSLE Math
  • Father of two school-going children
Dear Worried Parent,

By now, you should’ve received your child’s SA2 Math exam grade. If your P1-P5 child scored below 60 marks for Math, it’s a sure sign that he/she is struggling in the subject.

The difficulties that your child is facing now will only double with every term that we delay help! And when school reopens, teachers are going to jump into the new syllabus at the speed of a bullet train, leaving your child in the dust!

The December holidays may be here, but learning can’t take a break. This is your one-time chance to fill up the gaps in your child’s math learning and firm up his/her foundation. There’s no time to lose!

So, how can you support your child’s math learning this holiday?

Accelerate Your Child’s Math Learning This Holiday With A Targeted Revision Plan!

For your child to achieve rapid improvement over the holidays (while having ample time for play too!), you will need a targeted revision plan that addresses your child’s learning needs.

This boils down to knowing the TYPE of mistakes your child is making now and what CAUSES them, to provide the right help for your child.

For example, if your child made a mistake in a question about fractions in the SA2, I will identify where the breakdown occurred, to facilitate your child’s learning with the right “Mathodology”.

1. Don’t know how to multiply, add or subtract fractions.

This is a sign that your child has a weak grasp of the topic. The best way to help your child is to strengthen foundational knowledge by re-teaching the concept in ways that make sense to him/her.

2. Don’t understand what the question is asking.

There are 12 heuristics types for problem sum questions. My Concepts-Processes-Skills (CPS) method will enable your child to easily identify the heuristic type and formula for problem solving mastery.

3. Did not read the question due to laziness, exam anxiety, etc.

Fun learning methods will be used to engage your child and overcome his/her disinterest or lack of confidence in the subject. Over 800 math haters have come to learn and like math after experiencing my math coaching methods!

My Math coaching (not tuition!) techniques have helped over 832 primary school students to achieve a 2- to 3-grade jump in just a few months by addressing their unique needs.
I have the means to drastically improve your child’s math score by 20-30 marks by the next paper as I have done with many of my students!

Below is a sneak preview of what’s in store when your child receives a targeted revision plan from me.

Dramatic Improvements That Parents Have Observed!

Jesline, mother of Phelia (P3)

“She scored 69 for her SA2 (up from 36) which is really shocking for us as we didn’t know that she can progress so well in such a short period.”

Amy, mother of Ashley (P4)

“Ashley scored 70.5 this SA2, up from 38 from the previous paper.”

Mother's Testimonial

“…My daughter improved from Fail to 83 after going through your centre’s programme!”

Grace, mother of Regina (P6)

“…My girl scored 80 and improved by over 42 marks…she even shared what you taught with her class in school!…“

Sharon, mother of Ian (P6)

“…He wouldn’t have been able to even have smelt an A without your help. Your type of teaching was what he needed to pull up his marks in that short 3 months.”

Complimentary “Math Booster” Phone Consultation To Supercharge Your Child’s Holiday Revision

Many parents want to improve their child’s Math grade but have no idea where to start.

Which is why I am offering a COMPLIMENTARY “Math Booster” phone consultation to help you to identify your child’s weakness and point you in the right direction once and for all.

When you sign up for your “Math Booster” Phone Consultation, here are the “Mathodologies” you’ll be discovering:

  • How to accurately pinpoint the exact type of common mistake (carelessness? working error?) that is sabotaging your child’s marks and direct steps to overcome it. This can bump up your child’s score by 10-20 more marks immediately in the next paper and even pull up his/overall grade!
  • The CPS (Concepts-Processes-Skills) Model – A simple, effective and proven-to-work technique specially designed to make even the hardest problems sums… as easy as 123! When your child applies this, high marks will be scored consistently for Paper 2 (the problem sums section).
  • The exact Math resources, tools and study strategies your child needs to get an advantage over other students who are better at Math. If your child scored below 75, this “Math Enhancement Package” is what’s required to jump 2-3 grades for Math!
  • How to spot exam questions the right way. Many parents and other teachers attempt to do this without much success. I’ve formulated a scientific approach with an uncannily high “spot rate” (around 83.4%), which allows your child to prepare well for “sure come out” questions.
  • Many other important PSLE Math insights required to score high marks, from Singapore’s No.1 Math Coach and “International Math Celebrity”. This is also your chance to ask questions and get expert tips that are personalised for your child!
Thousands of students in Singapore and many other countries, have improved their Math grades massively by using my proven “Mathodologies”. Ready for your child to be the next success story?

Join Thousands That Are Using Our Proven “Mathodologies” To Score High Grades In Math!

A Vice Principal Loves Our Problem Sums Solving Model!

A Primary School Vice Principal, knowing that our CPS Model work very well, contacted us for help. The problem sums CPS training was given to their team of math teachers, HODs, teacher mentor and VP.

They love how we are making problem sums look so easy. They love it so much, that they have gotten our math strategic guidebooks to teach their students with the same method. What an experience for our LOB Team! <3

Even Other Teachers Are Using Our “Mathodologies”!

Our math coaching methods have been working very well. So well that we started to see other educators and tuition teachers adopting our problem sums methods to make problem sums easier for their students. We are really very humbled that even school teachers are sharing our proven methods with their entire level of P5 and 6.

Our students are also sharing what they learned from us with their classmates too! I’m really proud of our LOB students!

Most students shared with us, “We prefer your method.” (Even our parents are telling us the same thing.) Many were not taught the faster way. In fact, most were taught the longer and slower methods to solve the problem sums. Your child could be one of them. (without you knowing.)

Register Now Before Limited Slots Are Gone Forever!

Due to our regular and revision classes, I’ll have to limit the “Math Booster” Phone Consultations to 50 parents. This limited capacity allows me to provide each parent and child with valuable personalised advice.

Slots will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, hurry and register before your slot gets “stolen” by another parent!

Looking forward to speaking to you soon, and provide you with all the “ammunition” to fire your child from average to Math success in 2019!

John Yeo, Chief Educator, Learning Out Of The Box

Here Are More Success Stories Of Underachievers That Transformed To Top Scoring Students Using Our “Mathodologies”!

Mother of Shaunkel (P6)

“It’s so easy to get my son to travel for 45 mins to attend his lesson. His grade went from D to B (within 2 months)…This is the right place for children to learn!“

Geetha, mother of Anisha (P6)

“Anisha has improved by 43 marks to 78 within 2 months or less!”

Jesslyn, mother of Shantelle (P4)

“In less than 2 months, she has improved from 60 to 89!”

Salimah, mother of Anisah (P6)

“Anisah has scored A for Prelim and B for Maths!”

Cheryl, mother of Alethea (P3)

“Alethea has improved by 80 marks to 92 within 2 months or less!”