Online Learning and Sharing By Coach John

For Parents Of P3-6 Parents Who Are Teaching Their Children At Home and Are Committed to Learning

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Why Online Lessons With Coach John?

Coach John is always helping parents.

Especially those who are teaching their children at home.

So that it’s eventually easier to learn problem sums.

For both. You and child.

Once in a while, we conduct online lessons.

For our online community

(5000+ parents).

Why do we do this?

Simply because John

just loves to


And he wants to help your child.

At times, he is not alone. Sometimes he brings along other guests.

(PSLE marker.

PSLE setter.

GEP ex-teacher.

NIE professor.

Other trainers.)

(Once, he even brought along a little guest – his youngest :p

who couldn’t resist sitting on his lap. N be part of the teaching action.)

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