Is Your Child Ready To Secure P3-6 Distinctions For Problem Sums Sections?

Call-out to P3-6 parents who teach your children at home and you want them to do well for problem sums and you are still unsure how to help.

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From the desk of Coach John:

Here’s a story of one P6 who followed my guiding.


Barely 2 months before PSLE.

She scored a low B for P6 Sa1.

(Then, her confidence was falling.🤭)

The more mommy taught, the more their relationship became strained.😕

Felt her always-A-grade best friend was smarter than her.😶

Fast forward 2 months later.

On the day of PSLE result release day.

Her best friend’s grade dropped to A.

Our student?

Hers rose to An A

(Simiar ace-your-math-exam strategies were shared with the Vice-Principal and her math HODs and teachers in a school training too.)

🌷From low B to A⭐ within 2 months.


How is that even possible?

We reveal similar learning strategies to P4 parents and their children did well for P4 too.

From Mommy Sasi who used our method to guide her child.


“What you mentioned for CA1 is True. My child did well!”

“Exactly 100% of what you said about my child is TRUE!”

Two different parents.

Two individual children.

Two separate families.

Similar results achieved!

Great results achieved by their parents for their kids.

Simply by following my advice and guidance.

Would you want to know how this can be done for your child too? Yes?

With the recent measure imposed to protect our children, you know that they are going to stay at home most of the time and you have to teach them.

This means you must know and use proven learning strategies to help your child.

🌈 So I am going to release my inhouse video library of problem sums, along with my teachings which I have used to guide children, parents and teachers for the past 7 years.

“School decided to use your method and print out for the whole of P5/6 level.”

What will you and your child learn from Coach John’s videos?

From Coach John for P3-6 Math

Snippets of Must-Watch Videos for P3-6 Problem Sums Exams Trend

“My son said the way you teach math is very good, just by watching your videos.”

Welcome To The Online Video Mastery with Coach John!

The Complete Video Menu Of Math Skills & Strategies That Any Child Can Feast On To Get One Of The Most Satisfying Learning Online Experience:

  • Over 50 problem sums videos per level
  • Short and easily digestible video tutorials.
  • Simple step-by-step instructions to solve.

PLUS, You will also get your private access to your

  • Access to the Video Membership Site (so that you can revise anytime you want, even right before the exams) (Value at $39 per video)

What if you only want to sign up for the the problem sums videos access separately?

If you plan to sign up separately,

Online videos are at $500, any individual lesson replay is at $138 for parent and child.

Total is $638.

Days and time of online video lessons:

Once you have signed up for your account, you get instant access and can watch them whenever you want.

Logistic required:

All videos are conveniently embedded into the pages of your personal online account.

Your child can watch them from home using a laptop with working speaker and mouse.

No more getting distracted from a noisy class, like in school. More focus for your child!

No more struggling of solving problem sums. If you are unsure, simply refer to the videos for guidance.

No more having to repeat multiple times whenever your child asks you. Just refer them to the videos.

With your online video mastery, you get more time for yourself. More energy too =)

How will a typical online video session be like for your child?

The videos are grouped based on problem sum types. These are the ones which always appear in exams.

What this means for you is these are going to appear in your child’s tests and exams too. And soon.

The different levels of the videos allow your child to build confidence progressively.

Your child is expected to watch them and do so again (as many times as he wants) to understand.

In the video, I have added step-by-step video explanations and sound out possible shortcuts and potential mistakes.

You can pause the video as and when you want to coach your child. This is like having me by your side leading you.

If your child still has difficulty understanding certain videos, your child can watch them again to better understand.

This online video mastery is not for everyone.

Who is this not for…

Students who don’t want to

  • listen to instructions.
  • learn/ put in any effort.
  • do extra work.
  • study by themselves.

Parents who don’t

  • want their children to learn more effective solving techniques.
  • believe in working hard+smart = better grades + less exam anxiety.
  • want their kids to work hard for their grades

Who is this for…

Students who

  • want to learn the smarter way
  • want to learn exam strategies and proven skills in tackling exams questions
  • want to do fewer questions but have deeper and clear understanding of the concepts and process of solving them
  • are willing to put in effort

Students who have

  • home tuition and they know they can get higher marks with extra help from us
  • lessons by their parents at home and they need additional tips from us
  • to self study and need guidance from us during this last lap
  • other online lessons and they need further help from us

Parents who teach or support their children in various ways and are committed to guiding their children.

If this sounds like you and your child, here’s how you can sign up now for our Online Video Mastery with Coach John.


Here’s Your Full Menu (With LifetimeAccess…)

Access to my video library for P3-6 *All four levels! (Public price at $89/month)

✅ Access to P3-6 problem sums videos + any lesson replay (Value at $138)

PLUS you get updates of new videos every month! (Value at $97)

Total value is over $320 a month.

Today’s special offer for you is only at $297 a year.

That breaks down to less than $25 a month (or just 83 cents a day) (This is less than a cup of coffee)

🌈 Who is Coach John?

– PSLE math problem sums exam strategist (and founder of Learning Out of the Box) who had been interviewed by local and international medias like CCTV (Asia), TV Tokyo and Channel 8 news, Strait Times and many others.

– Father of 3 children and self-published authors of over 38 primary math guidebooks. His guidebooks have been used by thousands of Vice-Principals, teachers, HODs, parents and children.

– He spent most of his time teaching and supporting his online community of over 20,000 parents because he feels parents are the best teachers for our children.

I’ve read all the information on the sales page

A) Cancelling and Refund Policy:
Subscription automatically renews after one year. I can cancel the annual subscription anytime before my billing cycle begins.
LOB only accept cancelation via this email address:

If we receive your email after payment is being deducted, we are not able to refund the payment.

I will not have access to the contents from the membership site once the subscription has expired.

All credit card payments are handled by a third-party payment provider, Stripe on our secured website. Stripe is an established payment provider that provides software to accept payments.

Once payment is deducted from my credit card, it is non-refundable/ non-exchangeable/ non-transferrable to other programs offered by LOB under any circumstances. (e.g: regular or trial lessons/ workshops / membership programs / books / attendees.)

B) Lesson materials:
No printed worksheets or answer sheets are provided. All the videos come with the questions and step-by-step video solutions.

C) Others:
This online course is not equivalent to a LOB regular / trial online lesson.

I’ve confirmed my personal commitments before signing up for this online video mastery.

For my child to fully benefit from this online video mastery, I understand that his/her full commitment is very important.

This is a self-study programme and the parent is expected to watch the videos along with the child and guide the child along with the use of other math resources from schools or parents.

LOB reserves all rights to amend the above rules from time to time.
Updated on 6 December 2020