SA2 is coming – really soon.

Does your child always ask for your help with his problem sums?

Do you feel clueless whenever you see his problem sums, having no idea how to help?

Do you know that the SA2 problem sums are going to be 2 /3X more challenging than those in CA2?

In the last 3 days, we have received 25 emails asking for our support in this last lap before your child sits for this major exam.

We are going to use the 4 PSLE marking days to personally coach your child and teach him the more effective approach in solving problem sums.

(So that he can learn our LOB strategies to better cope in exams and eventually score higher marks.)

“It’s your method that had helped my child move from F to A. So glad I have signed up.”
Mrs Tan, mommy of P5.

Limited seats:

Because we have limited space in our centre, we only can take in 12 students for each level.

**Yes only 12! (There are over 4000 members in this facebook group.)

“All along my daughter dislikes problem sums. But after having learnt LOB method, problem sums became so easy for her.”
Mrs Lim, mommy of P4.


Do take down the dates now.
✅4 days boot camp
(Monday to Thursday)

For P4: 10-12pm for all 4 days [SOLD OUT]
For P5: 1-3pm for all 4 days. [SOLD OUT]

In our Ang Mo Kio centre

Normally, this boot camp would go for at least $469, but for a very limited time, we’ll let your child sit in and have access to these strategies for just $397 for P5/ $357 for P4.

✅Here’s Your Early Bird Offer (Only for the first 5 fast action takers):
=> For P5 student, your investment is $397. ($62 OFF)

=> For P4 student, it’s $357. (Save $62!)


“After having attended LOB lessons, my son finally understood how to solve the problem sums easily. He said LOB method is easier. Something he didn’t even learn in school.”
Mrs Yeo, mommy of P5.

Do you find your child still struggling with problem sums? And you feel he can really benefit from our coaching using our proven model?

Here are what your child will learn from us during this 4-day boot camp.


Learn the important problem sums concepts (which are very important to SA2 of your child’s level) so that he can solve problem sums more easily while using only half the amount of time.


Discover how to effectively master the 7 process skills for answering any problem sum so that the questions become easier for your child in the next exam.


Pick up our 5-step proven easy process in being less careless for the tests and exams


The #1 reason why top achievers are top achievers is simply because of how they present their solutions PLUS how they check their work. In this course, your child will learn how to use their corrections and learn from them so as to avoid making them again.


Using questions related to their primary levels, to be able to “reverse engineer” math questions so that your child can fully understand and possibly spot the next question that will be set.


“This is the KEY to getting higher marks in exam condition.” Learn the must-know step to managing exam anxiety and stress so as reach peak state.

Of course, this 4-day info-packed course will be highly interactive, so we will be looking over your child’s shoulder and giving your child personalized feedback on their workings and solutions. And we will be answering their questions as they come up.

So if you feel what we are offering is the right kind of support for your child for this last lap, click on the link below to sign up for your child right now.

Looking forward to meeting your child in our boot camp.