A parent who sent her Sec 1 boy to us in Feb asked us.

“Why is it my boy can do well in PSLE Math but he struggled with Sec 1 math?”

He got an A* for PSLE Math.

From our experience, most Sec 1 students see P6 math and Sec 1 math as separate bodies.

Most assumed they can throw away all their P1 to P6 math once they enter secondary school.

However, this also marks the starting point of their struggle.

In traditional tuition programme, most ex-P6s are taught content. They are drilled on content. They did papers and yes, perhaps they did well.

But to do well in secondary school and to be able to cope with 8 subjects (compared to just 4 in primary school), they were not taught really taught concepts, skills and processes.

Most P6s find algebra, ratio, percentage, speed and angles topics hard. But when these Math concepts are again covered (in a much faster pace and within a shorter period of time) in secondary level and tons of worksheets issued out with similar questions.

Plus students are expected to understand the concepts – FAST!

There are also many, many more Math common tests and reviews along with tests from the 7 other subjects. CCAs and extra school activities become compulsory with many school projects to be done too.

Coping becomes a BIG issue for children who were not familiar with concept-based teaching. This also explains why some secondary school students struggled in the first 3 months of their new life, even though they did well in primary school.

So what do our P6-to-Sec 1 Math transition programme offer?

  1. We pick out the common topics that your child will learn in Sec 1 and help them to build bridges by tapping on what they have learnt.
  2. We will also be covering some Sec 1 topics to help your child apply what they have learnt in P6 to Sec 1 math.
  3. Plus, we will also be sharing with your child how to do proper notes taking in secondary level. The same skill can be applied to the other secondary subjects as well. This cuts the time required for exam revision into half!

How to reach us?