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Many parents had told us percentage/ ratio problem sums they see in their child’s worksheets are getting tougher.

So they needed more help.

Does your child find percentage/ ratio problem sums tough?
Does your child find it hard to start and he is always stuck?
Does your child make these common mistakes for % and ratio?

3 Biggest mistakes for %:
– Mixing up “decrease to” with “decrease by”,
– Confused with “increased by” and “increased to”,
– Getting stuck with the “old 100%” with the “new 100%”.

When it comes to *Ratio* problem sums,
there are FIVE common types that your child must know for Prelim/PSLE.

You and your child will get help on these in our Percentage/ Ratio (PR) course done by me.

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Here’s what our parents are saying about the coach.

“With just 8 weeks to PSLE, John had helped my girl improve her grade from a low B to A* in her PSLE.”
Mdm Lee, mother of P6

“…He wouldn’t have been able to even have smelt an A without your help. Your type of teaching was what he needed to pull up his marks…”
Sharon, mother of Ian (P6)

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In our course, here are some of the things we’ll be offering to your child.

– The “3 Pillars” model used by hundreds of our students to score at least A & B for any math exam.

By tapping into these 3 keys, your child will discover a brand-new way to learn – in the most suitable way designed to ace any Math exam!


With the “3 Pillars” Model, we’ll be teaching your child 3 powerful “secret techniques” in tackling problem sums, that will not only help to answer Problem Sums more clearly… But allow your child to eventually boost results by as much as 2-3 grades!

– In addition, to support your child all the way in this final lap, we’re offering your child 3 Bonuses to help him.

#Bonus 1 – 8 weeks of study plan customized by myself (value at $129)

In this study plan, you have direct links to our 4 must-watch videos courses to secure her best grade for PSLE.

#Bonus 2 – 2 months of online lessons access (valued at $198).

You get full access to our videos course (which start from easy to challenging).
It’s specially designed this way to help your child gradually build his confidence from now till he sits for his PSLE Math paper.

#Bonus 3 – You get instant access to upcoming problem sums videos which include very tough topics like Speed, Circles and Volume/ Rate. (value at $179).

With Prelim coming soon, do you find Speed, Circles, Volume/ Rate problem sums challenging? To help your child to learn more easily at home, you get instant access to our new upcoming videos.

Total value for your 3 Bonuses is $506!

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Dates: 5/8 and 12/8 (2 Sundays)
Time: 2pm to 5pm.
Very small class size of 8.
Trainer: Me (Coach John)

*Who is this for?
For P6s with a score of 60 or above.

Fees: $697
(for the first 3 sign-ups, you get a special price of $582. Save $115!)

If you feel this course (done by a coach with lots of experience training students, parents, and teachers) is going to benefit your child in these last 8 weeks before your child’s PSLE, do sign up now at.

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P.S. This course is limited to 8 seats.
So we can keep the class small and give your child more attention.

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