[Callout to parents with P3-5 children]
With CA2 just over and only less than 2-3 weeks to SA2, are you at your wits’ end about how to pull up your child’s Math results…even after going for countless Primary Math tuition?

Discover how our Math CPS coaching (not tuition!) has helped hundreds of our Primary School Students, like Ethel to achieve a 2- to 3-grade jump within weeks…or even days!


“P6 Ethel came for one-day coaching. Her results jumped from 40+ to 70!


Dear Parent,

My name is John Yeo, founder and chief Math coach at Learning Out of the Box. If you’re reading this, you are most likely not satisfied with your child’s Math results. Frustrated, even. Am I right?

You could be pulling your hair out not just with your child’s lack of understanding, but also with his or her lack of motivation and interest in the subject… A major factor that has made every single encounter with Math end up in a tug of war for your child’s attention.

Trust me, I understand this perfectly.

Before I set up my math school with my math coaches, I was a social worker for 7 years. Those 7 years exposed me to children from a myriad of backgrounds. Working with them closely has enabled me to realise that every child is unique and cannot be coached using the same method.

Once this realisation dawned on me, it suddenly became clear why many children don’t do well in subjects such as Math – it is not because he or she is “stupid”, but rather, he or she may not have been coached in the method that suits his or her unique needs!

Armed with this fresh insight, I dove into studying the education industry extensively, in search of coaching methods that I could use to better support the children under my charge in their Math learning journey.

Little did I expect that what I was about to find out would be so startling…

That many of our students, who used to fail (or even dislike Maths) are experiencing shocking results like this…

“Anisha has improved by 43 marks to 78 within 2 months or less!”

geetha anisha testimonial

“…My daughter improved from Fail to 83 after going through your school’s programme!”


You see, most tutors adopt a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to teaching. I don’t blame them – after all, it is certainly much easier to use a “one-size-fits-all” method for every child who attends their lessons.

However, this typically ends up in a scattergun result – some students do well as the approach fortunately suits them. But for every child who benefits, there are many others who don’t.

And I’m guessing since you’re reading this, your child belongs in the “don’t” category, right? (So how can you tell? Simple. Just look at your child’s recent mid-year Math exam results.)

If this hasn’t set alarm bells ringing in your head by now, it should. Especially with the SA 2 exams coming up in less than 2-3 weeks.

This means that your child’s Math results have essentially been reduced to the luck of the draw. Just ask yourself – do you really want to stake your child’s results on luck?

Needless to say, after all these research, I was disappointed. Very disappointed, indeed. No wonder there are so many children out there who fail to reach their potential in Math, and even end up hating the subject!

This disappointment spurred me on to want to do more. To create a programme that can better cater to the different learning styles and capabilities of each child.

Not just for the children under our charge, but for every single child out there, who deserves so much more than the generic approach many “teachers” take.

“…Regina scored 80 for her CA1 Maths…improved by over 42 marks from 38/100 for P5 SA2 last year…”


~ Primary 5 Student

“…Baqir was so happy that he learned the concepts from you & he successfully applied to the questions & got FULL marks…”


~ Primary 6 Student

“Let Tina share with you how her son has regained his confidence in less than 6 weeks. And now he is doing math without being told to. Even his home math tutor was shocked by this BIG improvement in his attitude.”
“Harini improved from 20 to 52.5/100 within a such a short time. Thank you John”


~ P6 student

So while primary Math tuition usually focuses on learning content and drilling, We do it a different way using our CPS model. A better way. A much, much more effective way.

Your child will say goodbye to endless worksheets in my programme, since they are frankly, quite pointless without first establishing a strong foundation.

Instead, we will zoom in on addressing your child’s unique needs to strengthen his or her problem sum concepts, as well as learn the essential skillsets and processes required to solve problem sums.

More importantly, we place a lot of emphasis on cultivating motivation and interest in Math. we’re sure you would love to see your child not only doing Math independently, but also because he or she is enjoying it immensely!

Here’s what happened to one of our students, who eventually love to learn Math using our CPS approach.

lob model 2ss

With our fun and engaging methods, this could happen sooner than you think, and this naturally translates into his or her results improving by leaps and bounds.

In other words, we don’t just teach. We coach. We don’t just prepare them for exams. We make sure they’re empowered with the drive and desire to better their own Math understanding. Results will come naturally when that happens.

To be honest, doing this customised approach takes a huge toll on our time and energy. Nevertheless, we press on day after day, as we consider this our mission. Our purpose. We’re not in this just to make a quick buck using a generic approach.

Because at the end of the day, I am also Daddy to my 2 girls. One of my biggest motivations driving my programme is for them to grow up not only confident in Math, but also with an avid interest in the subject.

And my team and I want to help your child achieve the same as well.- lob-math-coaching-john-students

If you’re ready for your child to experience the difference of Math coaching, fill in the contact form below with your details, and we’ll contact you to explain more, over a short 20-min phone consultation.

Your child’s SA 2 is coming next. Real soon. If your child isn’t ready, now is the time. It’s seriously now or never. Delay any longer, and no amount of pointless mugging and worksheet spamming will help.

So let us help. While there’s still hope. We’re not miracle workers. We need time to coach your child. The longer you wait, the slimmer the hope. So please…for your child’s sake, secure your phone consultation, and let us lead your child to the 2- to 3-grade jump for SA 2 Math.

We’ll hear from you soon!

To Your Child’s Success,

John Yeo
Chief Coach

Hi there, my name is John Yeo, the founder of our school, Learning Out of the Box.

Here’s some background about me: I used to be a social worker before I was a Math trainer, where I worked with and helped mainly single  parents and their children. Through my 7 years of experience counselling children, I came to realise that every child is unique and can’t be coached using the same method.

What I discovered was that one of the main reasons that many children who were not doing well in subjects like Maths is because each of us has different learning styles and capabilities.

One of the disturbing facts I had discovered is the amount of impact of school’s grades has on the self-esteem of a child these days.

The truth is if a child is fully engaged in a fun and interesting lesson, his grades is bound to increase by leaps and bounds.

I believe that every parent wants her child to have high self-esteem. I know that because I’m a dad too with two girls and I also want my children to grow up to be confident kids.

This is the precise reason why I decided to set up our school and be a Math trainer to coach children as well as parents in how to learn Math in a fun and effective way.

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