P1-6. Your Child’s Reward Badges (For Problem Sums Solving Milestones) – 5 Badges

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Want to reward your child for a math-related job well done?

Now you can with these set of 5 KCNSU badges!

(KCNSU stands for Keyword – Concepts – Numbers – Statements –  Units, the simple proven 5-step process for solving any problem sum.)

Our students who have mastered these 5 key techniques also did well in their maths tests and exams.

So now you can get similar result – right at home, without leaving your house.

Reward your child with a badge every time he or she identifies a problem sum step or achieves any significant milestone by himself or herself.

This is a great way to encourage your child to keep learning and continue to do well in his or her maths.

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Want to reward your child for a job well done with Maths homework and exams?

 Now you have 5 amazing badges to present to your child.

Dear parents, Now you can award this badge to your child whenever he or she crosses any of these 5 milestones. (Can be in any order)

✅ Milestone 1 – Keywords – Your child is able to highlight and identify keywords without being told to.

✅ Milestone 2 – Concepts – Your child is able to tell you the right problem sum concepts or types.

✅ Milestone 3 – Numbers – Your child is able to identify important numbers to start solving the problem sums.

✅ Milestone 4 – Statements – Your child is able to clearly label his or her working steps.

✅ Milestone 5 – Units – Your child is able to insert the correct units (like kg or cm) after the final answers.

Remember, You will Always be Your Child’s #1 Supporter!

Each badge is 44mm in width.

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Purchase this product now and earn 58 Points!