P1-3. LOB Jungle Vol 2 and One KlayKit® Mini Bundle (Plus 7 Bonus Videos) Quick Starter Kit

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ENGAGE. CREATE. RETAIN. The KlayKit® Mini is a clay-based, versatile product designed to provide sensorial experience of its larger predecessor, the KlayKit®. Plus get the Jungle Book Volume 2 in this bundle too – it’s a fun way to learn Math.

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Through this bundle, you get to teach your child (ages 9 and below) to learn Math in a fun way, and hone on many other skills too – some of which include mathematical reasoning skills, executive function skills, forward planning skills and spatial awareness.

All that in just one bundle.

Introducing: the Math Jungle Book (Vol 2) and KlayKit® Mini bundle.

P1-P3 Math Jungle Book Vol 2

The truth is young children do learn faster and they love to learn since young. Especially when the lesson is conducted using stories and simple games.

After having coached thousands of children and parents, we  realised some children fail or do badly in Primary Math is because the way they are taught is not fun and stimulating. Which is why we came up with the Math Jungle Book!

KlayKit® Mini

This KlayKit is a clay-based, versatile product designed to provide sensorial experience. This hands-on activity introduces you to the creative world of clay and Neuroeducation and what’s more?

You get to bring the KlayKit® Mini with you, anywhere you go!

Why KlayKit®?
– Clay has the highest tactile cognition factor
– Enhances focus and attention
– Promotes cohesiveness and engagement
– Tangible, functional masterpiece as an extension of your experience

The clay creation becomes a trigger point for the children’s learning experience. As the children are emotionally heightened in their learning process with clay, their memories formations are stronger causing a deeper biological imprint. The deeper the biological imprint, the longer lasting the learning is.

Details of the clay:
– We use high grade air dry clay, which is flown in from the UK. It has wood fibres in it for sturdiness and is of dinnerware grade. It is absolutely safe for children from 18 months old. It is also lead and toxins-free.

This bundle also includes 7 bonus videos for the following:
1 – How to fully utilize the clay?
2 – How to make model using the clay?
3 – How to make triangle, square and circle shapes using the clay?
4 – How to make Melon the Pelican (the character in our Jungle Book Vol 2)?
5 – How to make 10 small boxes?
6 – How to make rectangles with measurements?
7 – Demonstration on a problem sum from Jungle Book Vol 2

Put the KlayKit® bundle into action as a fun, creative activity, or simply create a motivational product and keep it at home for continuous inspiration! Use it to make your math learning tangible. 🙂

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Purchase this product now and earn 165 Points!