P1-6. Math Strategy Guide Book for Parents


This book contains our coaching techniques which parents can easily use at home. This is the same technique we have shared with thousands of parents and coached hundreds of students to jump by at least 2 grades within a very short time.

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Dear parents,

Some parents are wondering what teaching methods we use, that are so effective and how you can use similar study strategies to reinforce your child’s learning at home.

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These proven learning strategies are now covered in our new math strategy guide book for parents.

It’s a real book which you can hold, read and learn from while teaching your child at home.

In this book, I have shared all the study smart strategies which I had used to help a math hater to rise from fail to A for PSLE in less than 2 months!

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“…Just 8 Weeks to PSLE, John had help my girl
improve from a low B to A* in her PSLE.”


How can you get hold of this book?

If you know your child can start benefiting by learning math in a smarter way, you can order this math resource book from us.

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P.S. I used the same methods to help a Junior College Year 2 student to score for maths (from fail) within a month.

So yes, you can use these learning strategies in this book all the way till Junior College or even University.

“…My daughter scored an “A” in her PSLE maths
…up from 50…in less than 2 months”

“…In less than 4 months, she has improved
from 28 to B for her PSLE Math…”

“…You pull up his marks to
an A in that short 3 months…”


Purchase this product now and earn 58 Points!