P2-6. Model Fractions ©: Hands-on Fraction Bar Model Cards (¹⁄₁ – ¹²⁄₁₂) + P3-5 Problem Sums Webinar Replay


Introducing Model Fractions ©

100% Developed & Made in SG, this Fractions Bar Model Card Kit (¹⁄₁ – ¹²⁄₁₂) helps your child Visualize Fraction Sums & Solve Bar Model Word Problems Fast!

Model Fractions © combines Montessori design and aligns with the Singapore Primary Maths Bar Modeling syllabus for learning that is 🌟Visual, Engaging and Open-ended 🌟

It’s ideal for P2 to P6 students, especially those who have difficulty jumping straight into pictorial modeling without a concrete learning aid.

By helping students reinforce their Visual Memory of Bar Model Proportions at lower primary, they’ll be able to draw well-proportioned Bar Models – this is a key factor for success in solving Word Problems!

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 Here’s what you get in this:



Solve fraction sums fast with Fraction Bar Model Cards for hands-on, visual math learning. MODEL FRACTIONS is Montessori-based and aligned with the Maths Bar Model Method taught in Singapore and around the world, to help children discover fractions operations independently and easily.

Help Your Child:

  • Develop a strong visual memory of fractions bar models
  • Understand patterns, equivalents and relationships between parts of a whole
  • Discover self-directed learning and problem-solving skills
  • Advance rapidly through the fundamentals of fractions

Drawing on the power of visualizing mathematical concepts before solving sums, this Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach is especially beneficial for young Visual Learners who often find word problems a challenge.

How else can your child benefit from using these model fractions.

  • Understand Relationships Between Parts of a Whole
  • Promotes Child-Led, Independent Learning
  • Combines Montessori Design with the Singapore Bar Model Method
  • Builds Visual Memory of Bar Models for Advanced Word Problem Solving
  • Ideal for Visual & Kinesthetic Learners
  • Dyslexia & SPED Friendly Teaching Aid
  • Each print-run benefits children in need

What else you get in your Learning Kit. (Fast action bonus for the next 10 buyers.)

You will get to have access to our exclusive 2 hours of P3-5 problem sums online workshop replay on how to solve problem sums more effectively (worth $57)

So in summary, here are what you are getting in your Learning Kit.

Model Fraction Bars: (Worth $29)
1 x Equivalent Fractions Wall
2 x Bar cards representing ONE WHOLE ( ¹⁄₁ )
11 x Divided Fraction Bar cards representing ²⁄₂ to ¹²⁄₁₂

Bonus Video: (Worth $39)
P3-5 Problem Sums Webinar Replay on common questions

Total Value: $68

Please note: colours of the pieces may differ depending on availability.

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