P5/6 2-Day Math Assessment Program (MAP): Choose 1 session


Discover the proven LOB MAP method run by our Team and it has helped thousands of our students learn the right problem sums solving technique.

New students attend a compulsory 2-day (3 hours) MAP class to learn all the basic 12 problem sums types, concepts, and skills. This helps them to build a strong foundation in solving problem sums and gain more confidence so that they can do well in tests/ exams.

Here are your MAP details (Choose 1 session):

*Limited to only 6 students per session.

Please call us at 6456-1617/ WhatApps us at 8365-1488 if you need any clarification on the session.

Earn up to 398 Points.

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Additional information

Dates of sessions

July 18th and 25th (2pm – 5pm) Centre based, July 4th and 11th (2pm – 5pm) Centre based

Dear Parent,

If you’re reading this, you are most likely not satisfied with your child’s Math results.

Frustrated, even. Am I right?

If your child is in Primary school, you probably can relate to this in your life.

1. Your child asked you for help with her math questions, especially those tough problem sums.

You wanted to help but you’ve no idea how to even start. The questions don’t really make sense to you most of the times.

“Shouldn’t she be improving after all the math tuition you have paid for?” Her incomplete homework just piled up and you feel helpless.

2. You see little or no improvement in his grades after having sent him to the many tuition/ enrichment classes.

The problem sums become harder and he had difficulty catching up.

This has made him afraid of the subject or even hate it. Nothing seems to work and there’s nothing you can do.

3. Your child has no or little interest in solving problem sums and you feel frustrated.

You hope your child can do his math homework by himself without you nagging at him. It agitates you even more because it becomes a daily affair.

The tension between you and your child gradually built up as you feel burnt out after a long day in office, with very little patience left at the end of the day.

Problem Sums Need Not Be So Hard For Your Child.

The Truth Is They Can Be Made Really Simple FAST…& Even Predictable In Exams.”

So predictable that you can literally spot the types of problem sums that are going to appear in your child’s next exam.

Imagine that your child told you everything he had learnt appeared in his exam paper. Plus, he did all of them in a breeze.

Finally, problem sums become so easy for your child and you! (Yes, I did it! Why didn’t I discover this 5-step model earlier?)

Yes, once your child learnt our secrets, problem sums will become more manageable and even simpler for him – even when he gets stuck in exams.

Concepts + Processes + Skills + Drive + Interest

 Problem Sums Mastery + Grades Go Up!

To better explain so we can help your child get one step closer to her ideal score, let’s use a simple problem sum example to explain.

Here’s the problem sum. “Joanne is 6 years old and her father is 36 years old. In how many years’ time will her father be 3 times her age?”

7 out of 10 parents we asked told me that this is just “another” question testing the concept of numbers.

3 out of 5 children, who are not trained in concepts, would use listing to solve it. (Some even use guess and check.)

They ended spending more than 7 minutes for this 2-mark question.

Children who learnt concept use less time.

Concepts Mastery

Save More Time in Exams + Higher Marks + Less Stress For You


“A Child Who Is Trained In Concepts Always Outperform”

Here’s why.

Take a look at this quick thinking process of the student which has allowed her to secure maximum marks using minimum time.

Step 1 – She knows that the problem sum type this question falls under.

Step 2 –  She uses the proven solution to solve it fast.

Step 3 – She solves it and gets the right answer fast – under 1-2 minutes.

A P5 girl we taught used less than a minute.

Another P5 girl experienced a sharp jump in her marks after having our proven method.

“Anisha has improved by 43 marks to 78 within 2 months or less!”

Geetha, mother of Anisha

geetha anisha testimonial

“Concepts Mastery Gives You The Biggest Improvement!”

The benefit of learning concept is this.

It’s like a lighthouse. Its beam tells you where to go next. Knowing concept shows you the way too. It tells you where and how you should start solving it.

What Your Child Will Learn From Our Math Assessment Programme…

✅1. Learn 12 problem sums concepts so that he can solve problem sums more easily while using only half the amount of time.

✅2. Learn how to effectively master the 7 process skills for answering any problem sum so that the questions become easier for your child in the next exam.

✅3. Pick up our 5-step proven easy process in being less careless for the tests and exams

✅4. The #1 reason why top achievers are top achievers is simply because of how they present their solutions PLUS how they check their work. In this workshop, your child will learn how to use their corrections and learn from them so as to avoid making them again.

✅5. Be able to “reverse engineer” math questions so that your child can fully understand and possibly spot the next question that will be set.

Of course, this 1-day info-packed workshop will be highly interactive, so our Math coach will be looking over your child’s shoulder and giving your child personalized feedback on their workings and solutions. And I will be answering their questions as they come up.

“…My daughter improved from Fail to 83 after going through your centre’s programme!”


Here are your 2-day (3 hours) MAP details (Choose only 1 session):

*Limited to only 6 students per session.

Again, this workshop is NOT for everyone.

This workshop is NOT for…

  • Students who don’t want to listen to instructions.
  • Students who don’t want to do homework.
  • Students who don’t wish to learn.
  • Students who don’t want to put in any effort.
  • Parents who are not open to have their children learn more effective problem sums solving techniques.

So, who this workshop is for then:

  • Students who want to learn maths the fun way
  • Students who want to learn proper proven systems in solving math questions
  • Students who want to learn exam strategies in tackling exams questions
  • Students who want to learn process steps and skills in answering problem sums
  • Students who want to do fewer questions but have deeper and clear understanding of the concepts and process of solving them
  • Students who are willing to put in effort

If your answer is ‘Yes! I want my child to learn and he is willing to put in effort’


You are looking for a different type of math coaching (not tuition) programme which focuses on learning maths concepts and process skills, I know without doubt our workshop is going to benefit your child many times over.

Remember, by the end of the workshop, your child will learn how to:

  • Know the fast smart-cuts in solving any problem sum more effectively.
  • Get the exact framework and techniques our high achievers students use to score high marks.
  • Learn how to avoid dozens of expensive careless mistakes that other students had made.
  • And most importantly, have the competence that comes with knowing a proven solving model is just within reach.

“Why You Should Register Right Now”

Look, problem sums solving techniques learnt right can transform your child’s attitude towards Math literally overnight.

I know this because I’ve seen it happen again and again.

Your child can go from disliking problem sums and totally leaving the whole question blank to actually solving them within minutes, while wondering why problem sums suddenly become so much easier.

And because we want to give your child more attention, we have limited slots for this offer. (Only 6 slots. Once all seats are filled, we will close the registration because we want to fully focus on these 6 children who sign up fast. Your child can be one of these 6.)


All our previous MAP workshops were FULL within one to two days after release and spaces are filling fast.

Register NOW if you don’t want your child to miss out this opportunity to make problem sums simpler for him.

Just click on “Add to Cart” button below to sign up now.

Remember – your child has struggled enough in the last few years, having to try figure out the difficult problem sums despite having tuition.

If you don’t start providing the correct training to your child right now, he or she will continue to complain to you that problem sums are hard and you know you can’t offer any support.

So let our Math Assessment Programme help you and your child start afresh right now. Start off on the right foot from the get-go.

Make sure this year will be THE year your child begins to achieve a consistent improvement in Math.

It can certainly be done. Especially with us being able to guide you and your child using our proven methodologies.

All you need to do is to click on the “Add to Cart” button below now and your child will be on the way to developing a sustainable improvement in Math starting now.


Earn up to 398 Points.