P5/6. 101 Must-Know Non-Percent/Ratio/Fraction Questions Vol 7 + 8 (Quick Starter Kit for Paper 1 – CA1 & SA1)


Are your kids in P5-6 and still finding topical questions tough?

Want an easier start to master the 101 must-know P5-6 questions in the following Non-Percent/Ratio/Fraction topics?

Here’s what you get in this 101 Non-PRF 2-Book Quick Starter Kit for P5/6 CA1/SA1.

    • In Volume 7, questions on different levels of Non-Percentage, Ratio and Fraction questions.
    • In Volume 8, the list of questions continues with more must-know questions on different levels of Non-Percentage, Ratio and Fraction questions.
  • These books will help your child reduce his careless mistakes, remember math topical concepts more easily and eventually score higher marks!
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Here are our new volumes for – “101 Must-Know Direct Questions for Parents – Non-PRF (Volume 7 & Volume 8)” bundle.

That can help your child to spot topical short questions and problem sums on 3 of the most challenging topics for second semesters of P5/6 – Non-Percentages, Ratio and Fractions.

View the images to see the topics covered in the book. It includes:

  • Accumulated Difference
  • Angles
  • Area and Perimeter
  • Equal Distance
  • Grouping
  • Metrics
  • Patterns
  • Rounding Off
  • 4 Ops
  • Decimal 4 Ops
  • Equal After Change
  • Min/Max Number
  • Real World Estimation
  • Same Difference
  • Time
  • Triangles
  • Unit Cubes
  • Units and Parts
  • Working Backwards
  • … and more!


Why do we create this?

To help more P5/6 students have a competitive advantage over others, these 2 books are specially designed to help them in the second semester of P5/6..

Using the last 2 months, our math team has worked really very hard going through more top school papers and guess what we discovered.

We discovered THIS!

We discovered a pattern.

We identified three topics that P5 & P6 children find challenging: Percentage, Ratio, Fraction.

Here’s how your child can use these 2 NON-Percent/Ratio/Fraction books to study math in a smarter way…

Here are books specifically for Semester 2 exams of P5/6.

We have grouped the questions up based on P5 CA1, P5 SA1, P6 CA1 and P6 SA1.

101 Must-Know Non-PRF Questions Vol 7

101 Must-Know Non-PRF Questions Vol 8

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