P1-6. Papa I Want To Do Maths (Coach John’s Math Exam Strategies Compilation)


💕Call me crazy
But I revealed EVERYTHING (99%) I know about raising a math lover and strategising to do well for primary school maths.

In this book, I also shared the exact easy steps on how I bring children’s math grades

✈️from E to B within 3 months
🛫from F to A within 2 months
🚀low B to A🌟 within 8 weeks

– just before the PSLE.

“Your books are turning points for my son’s understanding of primary school maths. Ever grateful and two thumbs up!”
Phay Yeo, parent

“I benefited a lot from all your books. My youngest topped his school.”
Evelyn, parent

“Tried, tested and it works! Less resistance! He now loves maths as he gains confidence.”
Noriza, parent

“I could see my daughter becoming confident and approaching the problem sums with ease. I salute you.”
Ravin, parent

“Thumbs up for building the children’s confidence in Mathematics. The methods taught are just so easy for them to follow and I’ve personally learnt so much as well.”
Pauline, parent

This book aims to enable pupils to become confident and independent learners of primary school mathematics.

Using the framework of ‘concepts, processes and skills’, the book offers various tried-and-tested practical and effective strategies that pupils can apply to avoid the pitfalls and overcome their struggles in learning mathematics.

This book also helps to provide parents with a better understanding of important elements in primary school mathematics, thus enabling them to provide meaningful guidance to their children in doing well in mathematics.


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How was the first page of this book first crafted?

When the eldest child of Coach John (founder of this school) was born in 2010, some friends told him his daughter would dislike math when she reaches primary school. Because Singapore Maths is known to be tough.

(Too many kids and parents who dislike math since young, learning and teaching it is a nightmare!)

So John, after quitting his full-time social worker profession for single-parent families, dived deep into creating an easier math-learning method just for his children (he has 3 daughters now.)

In his mind, he only has this thought: "Math shouldn't be so hard for our children!"

There should be a simpler way.

So, since 2014, he created the Learning Out of the Box (LOB) model that comes with easy-to-use techniques to make problem sums really straightforward for kids and parents.

So John started to work on guiding his eventually like math.

When his eldest was 5 years old, John already started her on P1 math.

At P1, she was already doing P2 math.

At P3, she already completed doing P4 problem sums types.

Now at the age of 10, she is completing 2 assessment books a month, simply because she loves learning the subject.

How does this benefit other parents too? As John build this LOB model, he realised there are many other parents (just like you) who support and teach their children at home.

But there is not much help and resource catered to this group of hardworking parents out there.

So John began to share with his small group of like-minded parents simple steps they can quickly use to support their young ones at home.

In 2014, there were only less than 200 parents following John. But this didn't stop John from sharing all he knew. Because the learning of every parent and child matters to him.

His followers got so much value out of John's content that Facebook gave him a high rating of 4.9/5 (with over 90 reviews).

His number of followers soon grew...simply because so many parents out there are in fact guiding their kids in math.

Since 2014, he has shared massive content on problem sums exam strategies with his 20,000+ parents in his online community.

Over 7000 parents in his fan page, 5000+ in his Facebook group and more than 8000 parents subscribed to his mailing list.

Just follow the teachings of John Yeo who chose to believe that parents must always be there to guide their kids in their studies since young - so one day, they will say "Papa, I want to do Maths."

In this book of over 300 pages, John has compiled his popular online community content of essential problem sums solving techniques and key exam strategies.

Interested to know how you can get hold of this book to start helping your child like to learn maths and do well eventually too?

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95 in stock

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