P3. 101 Must-Know Questions Vol 3 + 4 (2-Book Quick Starter Kit for Paper 1 – CA2 & SA2)

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Want an easier start to master the 101 must-know P3 questions at your fingertips so you don’t get overwhelmed? 

Here’s what you get in these two volumes:

  • In Volume 1, we cover CA2 exam concepts plus basic SA2 exam direct questions to get your child to practice more and start working on math concepts for both exam papers at one go.
  • In Volume 2, we have discovered MORE common SA2 exam direct questions which most students always get wrong. Some of these questions are usually also retested in SA2 as well. Give your child a head start!
  • Both books will help your child reduce his careless mistakes, remember math concepts more easily and eventually higher marks!

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Introducing another amazing pair of books for Parents’ support – “101 Must-Know Direct Questions P3 Guide (Volume 3 + Volume 4)”.

Why do we create these?

There are so many math books out there.

So what makes this unique?

As you know, most assessment books just provide you and your child the solutions (without explaining much)

While most adults can make out these solutions, 8 to 9 out of 10 parents we spoke to found it hard to explain to their children.

‘No matter how I tried. My boy didn’t understand what I’m saying. It’s frustrating’.

As a result, both the parent and the child experienced stress.

From our experience of working with children who dislike or hate maths, they find maths more enjoyable when simple questions are further broken down into smaller parts.

However, many adults wonder how they can further break down a one liner question

If you find yourself asking the same question, this book is for you.

In this book, there are 101 direct maths questions found in Primary 3 exam papers.

This proven study method has worked for hundreds of our students. Even our parents, who used to find teaching math hard, told us that they finally understood how to explain and coach their children the easy way.

What topics can you find in these books?

All of the topics covered in these 2 books are:
– Numbers up to 100 000
– Addition and Subtraction
– Multiplication and Division
– Fractions
– Equivalent Fractions
– Angles
– Money
– Length, Mass, Volume
– Area and Perimeter
– Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
– Time
– Bar Graphs

The topics are split between the two volumes.

How can you get hold of these two book?

If you know your child can start benefiting by learning math in a smarter way, you can order these two math resource book from us now.

Ready to order books which really work?

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422 in stock

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