P6-Sec 1. Maths Transition Summary GuideBook (With Tips and Tricks)

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In Learning Out of the Box, we ensure we continue to support our P6s to have a smooth transition to Sec One (even though they have already graduated from our PSLE math classes)

This book aims to enable pupils to continue to remain as confident and independent learners of secondary school mathematics.

Using the framework of ‘concepts, processes and skills’ from our primary school teaching, the book offers various tried-and-tested practical and effective strategies that pupils can apply to avoid the pitfalls and overcome their struggles in learning mathematics.

This book also helps to provide parents with a better understanding of important elements in mathematics, thus enabling them to provide meaningful guidance and easy transition for their children to do well in secondary school mathematics.

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At Learning Out Of The Box, we always strive to help primary school children learn the smarter way and to transit smoothly into Secondary One Mathematics.

This book comprises topics in our Primary Six syllabus that are also taught in Secondary One. The aim of highlighting these topics and their essentials is to help students build upon their existing skills and knowledge to answer Secondary One questions.

In other words, students do not need to waste time re-learning everything from scratch if they can transition well from Primary to Secondary Mathematics. With the time and effort saved, they can focus on learning brand new concepts such as prime factors and real numbers. In this book, we look at the topics in the Secondary One syllabus that overlap with those in Primary Six.

Studying smarter is the preferred way for most parents and can be easily done.

Topics Covered in this book:
– Prime Factorisation
– Real Numbers
– Approximation & Estimation
– Basic Algebra
– Algebraic Manipulation
– Linear Equation
– Mensuration (Area)
– Mensuration (Volume)
– Rate & Speed
– Percentage
– Statistics

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197 in stock

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