P1-6. All Books Bundle


This is a compliation of all the books for K1 to P6, thus your child can learn & progress gradually to the next level and beneficial for parents who are coaching their child at home.

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Why do we create this?

We have compiled all the books & posters together for your child to develop process skills & facilitate their learning from K1 till Pri 6.

So what does these books do? 

As most assessment books just provide you and your child the solutions (without explaining much), 8 to 9 out of 10 parents we spoke to found it hard to explain to their children.

‘No matter how I tried. My boy didn’t understand what I’m saying. It’s frustrating’.

As a result, both the parent and the child experienced stress.


From our years of experience of coaching students as well as parents, learning concepts and having a proper system to solve problem sums have been proven to be more effective.

These books include strategies that is important to solve problem sums as well as activities & step-by-step examples to stimulate & reinforce learning for each level.

And the Concepts-Processes-Skills (CPS) method shown in the books has proven to help students solve problem sums easily & independently.


Fret not, parents! We also have something for you to help you in coaching your child.

Our A*Star Maths & Little Black Book would come in handy as it shares many useful & important aspects on how to coach effectively & deal with child’s frustration as well as to identify & tackle common careless mistakes respectively.

You & your child are able to identify concepts at a glance. How? 

Our Problem Sums Formula sheets & Layout poster is a compliation & summary of the types of problem sums: their concepts & methods. They work hand-in-hand with the Problem Sums Guide books and are also beneficial during revision.

Bonus: This bundle also contain our 40 sums vol 3, 4, 5 and 6.



Purchase this product now and earn 3,482 Points!