K1-P6. Character Strength Words – 52 Cards

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Have you ever wondered when you praise your child, what are you trying to say?

Have you ever wondered when you said “good”, what does it really mean?

Have you wondered when you point out your child’s strength, what do you want to say?

In this 52-card set, there are a total of 52 character strength words you can say to your kid.

Sometimes, to get your child to feel motivated to want to do maths, you will be surprised all you need is to use – the right word.

In Learning Out of the Box, we ensure we support both students and parents in learning the smart but also the more effective way.

These Character Strength Words help hands-on parents like you to teach your child to feel encouraged, to learn independently and to be confident while solving problem sums. Get it now.

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Learning Out of the Box was started by a father who teaches Math to his 3 daughters.

After coming up with so many books to help his own daughters and many other primary school students practice, learn and revise Math easier, John has now started working on a series of Self-Study flashcards to help your child succeed even more.

What’s in this flashcard box?

Help your child discover his/her strengths with this deck of cards.

Use these cards to reaffirm superpowers and boost your child’s confidence!

Use these cards to keep your child motivated at school, at home or even to motivate you at your workplace!

Here is the video walkthrough of the cards:

Dimension of each card: 63.5mm x 88.8mm

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176 in stock

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