K2-P6. The Original HAPIKO™ Blocks (For Happier Math Learning Since Young)


8/9 out of 10 students we asked shared that math problem sums are extremely difficult. Especially those which require you to visualise and see.

If your child faces similar issues too, you know that there are other more effective and less tiring way to learn.

Many of our parents used this smarter technique to guide their kids.

These are visual tools.

Introducing HAPIKO™ Blocks – creatively shaped model blocks to help children gain interest and confidence in learning maths.

(Hundreds of our math resources have been shipped out.)

They told us their children are now more keen in learning maths and they peform better in their maths tests and exams.

So now you can get similar result – right at home, without leaving your house.

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Maths should be a fun journey and not just one where we sit and read textbooks.

That’s why Learning Out Of The Box has come up with these HAPIKO Block Set.

(Many kids called these the Potato, Carrot, Mango and Dragon Fruit Series)

Suitable for students from K2 all the way to Primary 6.

Yes, even things like this can help your child progress and revise for PSLE Math!

These minimalistic blocks, inspired by the Japanese culture, are crafted to help stimulate your child’s mind to become more creative and flexible.

The set offers blocks in multiple colours and is safe to use.

✅ Specifications:
16 pieces bundle – most popular
4 pieces per color
Red, XXS, 2.5cm long each (Dragon fruit)
Orange, XS, 3.0cm each (Carrot)
Yellow, S, 3.5cm each (Mango)
Wood, M, 5cm each (Potato)

(Comes with a bag to hold your HAPIKO blocks)

Plus 4 videos on how you can use your kit. (Value $59)

✅ Suitable for K2-P6

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Please note: colours of the pieces may differ depending on availability.

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