P1-6. 1 Whole-12/12 Fraction Bar Models Cards (12-Course Meal Series)


Introducing Fraction Bar Models Cards Kit (¹⁄₁ – ¹²⁄₁₂) to help your child visualize the solving process of fraction problem sums & solve them fast!

It’s ideal for P1 to P6 students, especially those who have difficulty jumping straight into solving without being able to see and visualise the steps.

By helping them to be able to visualise the answering process at lower primary, they’ll be able to draw well-proportioned bar models to solve word problems.

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What’s in this fraction bar models cards?

Want an easy and delicious way to learn fractions?

Then you need our easy-to-follow toolkit to allow you or your child to do just that.

Here is the video walkthrough:

Model Fraction Bars: (Worth $29)
1 x Bar cards representing ONE WHOLE ( ¹⁄₁ )
11 x Divided Fraction Bar cards representing ²⁄₂ to ¹²⁄₁₂

Please note: colours of the pieces may differ depending on availability.

How can you get hold of your creative cards.

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21 in stock

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