P1-6. Creative Learning Kit (SET C): 3D Printed Cubes for Easier Problem Sums Solving (36 Pieces)


7/8 out of 10 students we asked shared that understanding the views from cubes on an isometric grid is difficult.

If your child faces similar issues too, you know that there are other more effective and less tiring way to learn.

Many of our parents used this smarter technique to guide their kids.

They told us their children did well in their maths tests and exams. Many gotten FULL marks!

So now you can get similar result – right at home, without leaving your house.

Help your child learn problem sums more easily using your Creative Learning Kit, including your personal set of 3D printed cubes kit.

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Some backstory…


From drawing board to getting these models delivered to me so I can make problem sums FUN for my own kids

When you make extra effort to bring problem sums out to life
(and take control of what you can help improve for your child as a parent), using 3d-printed plastic…suddenly problem sums become so much FUN.


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From desk of Coach John,

Does your child struggle while trying to draw the front/top/side view?

Does your child miss a square or add unnecessary squares in his answers?

Does your child complain to you that it’s hard to visualise?

If you answered yes to any or all of these, your child is a kinesthetic learner.

To help one of my 3 children who is a more kinesthetic learner, she needs to feel and shift objects around to help her learn more easily.

Similar results shared by other parents!

These 3D printed cubes do just that.

Teaching your child becomes 2/3X more effortless. (Phew! More time to do your own things.)

All thanks to my Creative Learning Kit. Your child can first clearly see from the required sides and present the required answers later.

No more erasing or complaining that it is hard to see.

Just shift the cubes to get the correct answers. =)

Figure in a sample question

Top View

Side View

Here are how your 3D printed cubes can be arranged for other form of questions.

Just follow your child’s questions and build up the figures.

No more getting wrong answers because now your child can see them right!

Here are what you are getting as a complete set – 36cubes.

All in a see through multi purpose pouch with zipper. (Pouch may differ from photo depending on stock,)

2cm by 2cm by 2cm cubes – 36 pieces

Plus 5 videos on how you can use your kit. (Value $79)

How else to use your creative learning kit.

Other parents use them for solving problem sums models and teaching times table.

How can you get hold of your creative learning kit.

To order, all you need to do now is click on the “Add to Cart” button below.

Please note: colours of the pieces may differ depending on availability.

Purchase this product now and earn 78 Points!