P1-6. My Happy Math Journal (For Parents)


In Learning Out of the Box, we ensure we support both students and parents in learning the smart but also the fun way.

This Math Journal is the ultimate math companion written for parents. It is suitable for parents of all primary level students 7-12 years of age. It helps parents teach their children to learn independently. Get it now.

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At Learning Out Of The Box, we always strive to help primary school children learn the smarter way.

BUT … we also want parents to learn how to teach their children in a fun and smart way too!

Every page in this journal has been hand-drawn with love by Math A* student Alyson Lim.

Parents and educators can use different pages of this book to encourage children (and themselves!) to keep doing better.

This book has no specific math questions.

Rather, it offers fun activities and reflections to guide parents to support their children toward enjoying math and improving their children’s scores.

By recording your thoughts down in a journal, you can reflect back on how you have progressed, what worked, and what didn’t work. This encourages autonomy and independent teaching and learning.

Coach John’s story:

To become a more effective teacher-cum-parent who my children truly respect and listen to, I decided to change myself and how I teach my children (mostly because I know it’s unrealistic to change my children!). I place my relationships with my children as my first priority, followed by their learning. As a result, there’s a stronger bond and greater trust with my children, and they have now blossomed into more confident and self-directed learners. I also experience less stress and, in fact, I feel happier teaching them now. =)

Would you like your child to eventually learn independently too?

In this journal, I’m going on a discovery journey with you to show you how you can achieve this too.

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29 in stock

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