P5. 51 Must-Know Sums Volume 1, 2 and 3 + Math Activity Journal (Quick Starter Kit for CA1, SA1, CA2 & SA2)


Want all the P5 problem sums at your fingertips?

Here’s your complete quick starter kit. Here’s what you get in your 3-volume + 1 Math Activity Journal set.

  • Vol 1 – This contains 51 must-know CA1/SA1 problem sums types for your P5 child. Does your child know all of these before sitting for his next exam? Help him to master all 51 of them with this guidebook now.
  • Vol 2 – This covers CA2/ SA2 Percentages and Volume too. (These are 2 of the more challenging problem sums that most P5s struggle. You can avoid this by starting to prepare your child now.)
  •  Vol 3 – This is for P5 CA2/SA2 Prep. That can help your child to spot problem sums. Would you want to know what problem sums will appear in your child’s SA 2 exam so you can prepare FIRST and be Ready for them by then?
  • Primary 5 Math Activity Journal – an activity book that we specially designed for your child. It is an extension of our P5 books.Through these activities in this journal, we want to help your child to build his interest in math and his confidence in solving problem sums – both at the same time.

This 3-Volume Quick + Math Activity Journal Starter Kit is also THE book which can help a P5 to bridge P5 and P6 problem sums so he can learn to better cope with P6 always-changing-always-getting-tougher problem sums.


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77 in stock

Purchase this product now and earn 236 Points!