P5/6/PSLE Foundation Maths. 100 Must-Know Math Questions (Direct Questions & Problem Sums)

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With the time running out for P6, we have condensed what you need to know into ONE single book. (so no more searching from other books and make studying a piece of cake)

*P5 can also start using this book till PSLE.

✅The direct questions and problem sums in this book are broken down into 5 distinct levels so that your child can work from the easiest and build her confidence gradually.

✅Unsure of what to study? The complete checklist at the end of the chapter tells you that.

✅What if you are uncertain if your child has learnt anything and can remember? We have placed a strategic quiz at the end to help your child make sure she gains mastery.

Due to limited space in our storage, we can only print 30 copies (more than 50 parents have expressed interest)

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At LOB, we want your kids to study the smart and effective way.

And we help your child do that through various book, like this one.

This book comprises topics in our Primary 6 Foundation Mathematics syllabus (Direct Questions and Problem Sums). It is a quick and comprehensive  revision book. (P5 can also start to use this till PSLE.)

✨ It’s your child’s best companion for P6 foundation maths!

What’s in this book?

➡️ In each chapter/topic, Level 1 and 2 questions help students revise the basic concepts. Level 3 questions are simple word problems. Levels 4 and 5 are the application questions that may require a few steps to solve.

➡️ At the end of each chapter, there is a checklist for students to reflect on their own learning and note down the key areas/skills that they need to re-learn.

➡️ After revision, reflection and further learning, students can attempt the short review quiz to test their mastery of the topic. The questions in the quiz are selected from the chapter.

➡️ Through this practice-review-test process, students are given a clearer idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Through targeted practice, we hope that they will become more confident in their content mastery problem-solving skills.

Chapters include commonly-tested content:
✅ Numbers
✅ Fractions & Decimals
✅ Percentage
✅ Area and Perimeter
✅ Volume
✅ Geometry

✨ Get this book to help your child revise direct questions and problem sums quickly!

Interested to know how you can get hold of this book to start helping your child like to learn maths and do well eventually too?

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So if you have a child taking foundation math and you need more resources because there’s not much out there, get yours now.

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77 in stock

Purchase this product now and earn 70 Points!