P5/6. My Happy Direct Questions Math Cards for Busy PSLE Students + Bonus Story Sums Masterclass Video – worth $197


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In Learning Out of the Box, we ensure we support our students in learning the smart way.

Running out of time to revise for PSLE?

This Happy Math Flashcards, which contain 100 direct questions for P6s, is perfect for your child.

Great for kinesthetic and visual learners.

PLUS also fun and great to learn math through solving different types of direct questions (beside referring to textbooks or worksheets).

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How can you use these Math cards to improve your success with direct questions and score higher marks?

✔ Mix the cards and spot the question types
✔ Group cards based on problem sums categories
✔ Speed read and self-test just before your exams
✔ Create your own game and scoring system, let your imagination lead the way!

Perfect for kinesthetic and visual learners.


My Happy Math Cards is created by Learning Out Of The Box, a centre specialising in PSLE Math Problem Sums learning strategies.

*Pls take note before you make the purchase: These cards do not include formal solutions or working steps but provide tips, tricks and approach to problem solving different question types. The final answers are provided for self-checking. Source of the questions are provided in every card.

What your child will be getting:

  • 102 sheets of A5 cards (designed to be small to be like game cards and easy to hold.).
  • Front of every card is the problem sum. (For your child to read.)
  • Back of every card contains the Keywords-Concept-Methods (KCM) tricks and tips to solve these questions. (For you to simply refer to while you test your child.)
  • Fully coloured to appeal to children who are visual and kinesthetic learners.
  • Comes with a box for you to carry the cards around and learn wherever you want.


Bonus if you get the flashcards today:

Story Sums Masterclass (worth $197) run time: 3 h 34 mins

We were told that the concepts we covered appeared in the major exams and our explanation is so clear that problem sums became easier for our parents and students. So we are adding this to the Flashcards for busy PSLE students so that problem sums can be easier for your child too.

Interested to know how you can get hold of this book to start helping your child like to learn maths and do well eventually too?

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Purchase this product now and earn 98 Points!