P5/6. 40 Must-Know Problem Sums (Volume 5 out of 6)


The one BIG difference about this problem sums guidebook is it covers one of the MOST Challenging topical problem sums that many children and parents often face. That is Number Patterns.

It comes with must-know tips and tricks on how to solve these problem sums – fast.

The P5/6 problem sums are also getting tougher. We have compiled the more advanced problem sums so your child can have them at her fingertips. Over 17 types!

Planning to get one? Would you want to know the difference between 40 Sums Vol 1 to 6?

  • Vol 1 covers 11 must-know level 1/ basic problem sums types.
  • Vol 2 contains tips and tricks on the very challenging questions involving speed and algebra and it has the more challenging level 2 problem sums types.
  • Vol 3 covers percentages problem sums too. It comes with an 8-page summary with the must-know smart tips on solving percentages problem sums fast.
  • Vol 4 cover challenging problem sums on circles, volume/ rate, angles/ folding angles and much much more.
  • Vol 5 covers number patterns too along with other tougher problem sums which P6s will eventually see in their exam papers.
  • Vol 6 covers questions involving shapes (such as triangles, slanted triangles, rectangles and squares) and ratio, percentages, and fractions.

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Here is our “40 Must-Know Problem Sums for PSLE Students Volume 5“.

Many P5/6 children and parents have told us that Number Patterns questions and the advanced problem sums are getting more challenging.

They seemed to be endless!

Using the last 4 months, our math team has worked really very hard going through all the top school papers and compiled this set of must-know 40 sums.

Yes! These always appear in exam papers! You may see at least one of them in your child’s paper too.

This is book your “formula” book to solve these problem sums – fast.

Many children are confused by these very common and yet challenging problem sums. Others find them tough and even frustrating to solve.😱

Is your child one of them?😭

This book comes with the step-by-step solving process. No more buying of more books or papers just to do them for the sake of doing.

Here are what you will find helpful in this book once you get hold of it.

Problem sums on (come with must-know tips and tricks)…
– Number Patterns

More advanced problem sums on…

– 2 ifs
– Area (Unitary)
– Average
– Discount

– Equal Ater Cange
– First Common Multiple
– Grouping
– Less Than
– More Than
– Part-whole (Fraction/ Branching)
– Part-whole (Fraction/ Ratio)
– Part-whole (Percentage)

– Percentage (Increased by)
– Remainder
– Same One
– Simultaneous
– Working Backwards
– Working Forward

Do you think this compilation is going to make your child’s learning sooo much easier?

One of our parents told us this 40-sums series is saving her life 😀

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If you want to help your child aim for higher grades and make sure your child can understand the common Number Patterns questions better so he can now be more prepared to secure more marks in the next exam, all you need to do is to order this math resource book now.

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77 in stock

Purchase this product now and earn 70 Points!