P3-6. 14 Must Know Problem Sums (14 Digital Videos)


Do you know which are the KEY problem sums you have to always teach your child from P3 to P6 so that they are well-prepared for PSLE eventually?

Running out of time? Feeling busy and you want some help?

Here are 14 must-know problem sums types videos (which we used in actual school math workshop to guide parents and teachers)

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The 14 problem sum types covered in this book:

2 Ifs
First Common Multiples
External Unequal Change Type 3
Guess and Check
Number Patterns
Maximum Pieces
Percentages – Increase To/ Same One
Same Difference
Same Difference Type 2
Simultaneous Type 2
Speed – Opposite Direction
Volume and Rate

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Purchase this product now and earn 54 Points!