P3-6. 14 Must Know Problem Sums Booklet (*Used in Actual School Workshop)


If your child is in P3/4, are you aware that P5/6 problem sums 4/5X tougher? Are you teaching your child the right way and doing enough so they can catch up and do equally well, if not better when they go upper primary?

If your child is in P5/6, do you know that the tougher problem sums (including those your child will see in PSLE) are built on what your child learnt in P3/4? Many parents see them as separate compartments and this is one of the main reasons their children are struggling.

Do you know which are the KEY problem sums you have to always teach your child from P3 to P6 so that they are well-prepared for PSLE eventually?

Running out of time? Feeling busy and you want some help?

Here are 14 must-know problem sums types (which we used in actual school math workshop to guide parents and teachers)

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Do you find problem sums tough? Yes?

Confused by the challenging problem sums your child is facing?

Would you want me to show you the easier ways to quickly solve these common exam questions (which your child will see from P3 to P6)?

If you have answered “YES!”, your child will greatly benefit from our 5-simple-step solving technique.

It has worked wonders for thousands of parents and children. We want your child to be next!

Check out what our parents are saying, after using our 5-simple-step technique in our problem sums resource guides.

Check out our book for – “P3-P6 14 Must Know Problem Sums“ which we have used for conducting worshops in school.

What problems are we helping you to solve?

For the fact you are reading this page, you are now probably facing one of these issues.

– “The exam questions faced by my child are getting tougher and he is not able to solve them – fast.”

– “My child has started P5. The questions are so hard. How I wish they had learnt more at P3/4.

– “My child is at P3/4 now. Many P5/6 parents are telling me the problem sums are so tedious. They wished they have more time. What should I do to help my child start earlier?”

– “My child is overwhelmed by the hundreds of problem sums he sees in his worksheets/ exams. I tried to teach but at times, he ended up feeling more confused.”

– “There is so little time. I don’t know which are the problem sums that are more important (than the others)”

To help you have a more effortless head start, we had compiled 14 must-know problem sums (from our other guidebooks) in this A5 size booklet. (So if you have been buying all our books, you may find some of the questions familiar.)

These 14 must-know  problem sums types are some of the KEY questions your child must master between P3-6.

Let us use this more compact version of our problem sums guidebook to show you how you can too – quickly pick up our 5-simple-step system.


The 14 problem sum types covered in this book:

2 Ifs
First Common Multiples
External Unequal Change Type 3
Guess and Check
Number Patterns
Maximum Pieces
Percentages – Increase To/ Same One
Same Difference
Same Difference Type 2
Simultaneous Type 2
Speed – Opposite Direction
Volume and Rate

How can you get hold of this book?

As this book was first created as our training booklet in school, we can only release limited copies to the public. (We have to keep the rest for – actual trainings in school)

If you know your child can start benefiting by learning math in a smarter way (and this thinner booklet can make it less scary for him), you can order this math resource booklet from us.

This highly compact and easy-to-read resource guide (roughly 50 pages) can help your child easily pick up the essentials in one sitting.

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