P4. Math Monster Busters (Guidebooks Extension)


This is a fun activity book for P4 students to spot problem sums more easily while building confidence and interest at the SAME TIME!

Do you want to know what problem sums will appear in your child’s exam so you can prepare FIRST and be Ready for them by then?

Before you get this book which has helped many children learn problem sums the more fun and effective way, do take note of the following.

This is an EXTENSION book of P4 guidebooks quick starter kit and 51 Must Know Problem Sums For P3 Vol 1 (which has helped many P4s score higher marks in their tests and exams.)

**Your child can’t find answers in this activity and you can be totally reassured to let your child attempt these problem sums without any worry if he will take a peep at the answers. This way of being more self-reliant has proven to help many students be more prepared and do well in tests and exams.

What if your child needs some tips and answers to solve the problem sum? Not to worry. =) Just simply use your P4 guidebooks quick starter kit and 51 Must Know Problem Sums For P3 Vol 1 as your reliable personal aid.

This book comes with an additional booklet which tells you the source of the solutions and workings so you can quickly refer to your P4 guidebook starter kit.



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Here is our Primary 4 Math Busters – an activity book that we specially designed for your child. It is an extension of our P4 books and the answers can already be found in your P4 guidebooks quick starter kit. and 51 Must Know Problem Sums For P3 Vol 1

Why did we create this book?

Simply because we want your child to do math in a fun way!

As they practice the questions, they can score points that they can use to defeat the Math Monsters!

Through these activities, we want to help your child to build his interest in math and his confidence in solving problem sums – both at the same time.

This is also THE book which can help a P4 to bridge problem sums so he can learn to better cope with P4 always-changing-always-getting-tougher problem sums.

Why did we create this?

Do you feel that your child’s problem sums are getting tougher?

Do you feel that your child’s P4 exam papers are getting harder?

Do you find your child always getting stuck whenever he finds a problem sum tough?

To help more students better prepare for their problem sums in the exams in a fun way, this book is specially designed for them.

Questions from this books have been taken from P4 Starter Kit books and 51 Must Know Problem Sums for P3 (Volume 1) .

Workings can be found in the relevant guidebooks and 51 Must Know Problem Sums for P3 Vol 1

Take a glimpse at how the book looks like below. =)

How can you get hold of this book?

If you know your child can start benefiting by learning math in a smarter and more fun way, you can order this math resource book from us right now.

What you will be getting:

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