[Call-out to P3-6 parents who are teaching your child problem sums at home and you still find that it’s a daily frustration.]

Discover how over 400 parents and students have greatly benefited from our easy-to-understand problem sums videos. (Now your child can watch them whenever you want…right in the comfort of your home.)

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membership_inset_v1-3From: John Yeo

Dear worried and frustrated parents,

Math problem sums are getting harder for your child, right?

At times, you may find it even stressful to guide your child.

In fact, you’re reading this because your child needs help with problem sums. You want to teach your child but sometimes you probably don’t know what’s the best way.

At times, you may even wonder if you’re teaching your child the right way. (Will I confuse my child even more?)

You’re looking for a more effective, easier and less stressful way to help her improve her Math grades.

You know your child is really busy. You can’t possibly squeeze in anymore math tuition programme.

But you want someone who had a proven model on teaching your child how to solve math problem sums the right and easy way.

So you’re looking for some form of help that he can have access to at any time of the day.

I have found a solution that can make problem sums easier for both child and You (within just a few minutes. Yes, is that FAST!).

Do you want to know what it is?

We have taught our proven math model multiple times LIVE, right in front of hundreds of parents and children who attended our seminars, workshops and lessons. And many parents have told us that it’s more fun for their children to learn.

Plus one of the main reasons why these parents said that it’s because they learnt how to solve these tough questions too – almost instantly. (One mother, who confessed that she’s math hater since young, told me this too. ‘John! Your method is so easy! Why didn’t I get to know you earlier?’)

So to reach out to more children who need help in problem sums, we’ve compiled all our math knowledge into our math online learning portal. It’s like a math problem sums bank with over 140 video solutions to guide your child in learning how to solve the 15 must-know problem sums types.

Yes, he can use it at anytime of the day. (You can too.)

Here’s what it looks like inside.

Look Inside…(5 sample pages)

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Sample video on More/ Less than for 3 names

Sample video on 5-step KCNSU Problem Solving Process


If you want to make sure your child is more prepared so as to secure more marks in exams, all you need to do is to sign up for your access now.

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