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LOB’s Problem Sum A* System is meticulously set up and curated by John Yeo, Chief Educator at LOB and International Math Celebrity.

John has been invited by many prominent national and international media to share about his effective, easy-to-understand and unique “mathodologies”.
Over 2,000 students have greatly benefited from his teachings, and made rapid improvements to score high marks for Math exams… even if previous results were average.
In order to reach out to even more students who need urgent help with problem sums, John spent the last few months setting up LOB’s Online Problem Sum A* System.

His intention was not to simply upload a series of content on a website.

John’s main aim was to make this an interactive learning platform with step-by-step explanations, so it’ll be just like having John himself guiding your child.

Now, you and your child can enjoy insider access to problem sum strategies from an internationally-acclaimed Math trainer… at the comfort and convenience of your home!

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Know the latest tips and tricks in tackling the ever-changing problem sums section. Let John share with you the traps your child should avoid and the short-cuts your child can take to save more time and gain higher marks for problem sums section.

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A Short Message From John Yeo, Founder Of LOB & International Math Celebrity

Dear Worried & Frustrated Parent,

The struggle is real.

No matter how many tuition classes you send your child to, no matter how many assessment books are completed, no matter how you try to help…

Math exam results are still average, or poor (C or below).

You’re probably at your wits’ end. You’ve tried everything, but nothing works.

Is your child destined for Math exam mediocrity, or is there actually something out there that works?

Well, that’s why you’re reading this message, right?

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The good news is:

I Spent The Past Few Months Working Day And Night To Provide

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I’m talking about the Online Problem Sum A* System, of course!
All of LOB’s proven “Mathadologies” used successfully by over 2,000 students, compiled in one platform.
140 video solutions (and counting) to guide your child to problem sum mastery.
In just a few short months, quickly and efficiently solve the 15 “must-know” problem sum types (many students lose more than 40 marks due to these killer questions).
Clear structure with easy-to-understand instructions, with the purpose of building strong Math foundations for easy A* in exams.
Engaging and educational content to replicate a conducive learning environment in your home.
Re-learn, re-vise and re-watch video lessons to internalize key Math concepts.
Many other “members’ only” content meant to help your child overcome Math obstacles, and gain fast improvement to score top marks for upcoming Math exams!
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You could be wondering…

I’m Already Paying Lots Of Money For Expensive Math Tuition… Why Do I Need The Online Problem Sum A* System?

The truth is, if your child’s current Math tutor is getting you the results you want, you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Like it or not, Singapore’s education system is based on results. In order to thrive in our pragmatic society, exam results need to be high.

So if your current Math tutor is not achieving that target for your child, it’s time for a change! Simple as that.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying you should fire your tutor immediately, and rely on the Online Problem Sum A* System 100%.

My suggestion: Give Our Math Learning Portal A Try First.

After a week or so of active learning, see the changes/improvements for yourself.

If your child prefers our unique and proven approach to Math…

If your child can finally solve those tricky problem sums…

If your child actually develops a liking for Math (yes it’s possible!)…

That’s when you’ll know for sure:

Our Online Problems Sum A* System Can Produce Better Results
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P.S. All Course Materials are non-exchangeable and all fees paid for this membership are non-refundable under any circumstances.