Welcome to our LOB Ambassador Programme!

Hi there, I’m John. Thank you for your interest in joining our LOB Ambassador programme

We are a community of over 10,000 parents.

Our LOB mission is to empower parents to make problem sums easier for our children.

So what our LOB Ambassadors do is they help to promote our problem sums guidebooks so our books reach into the hands of students so the students can get the right kind of help.

By doing so and to show our appreciation, you will get an affiliate commission out of every sale.

Here is how our community of LOB Parents and Ambassadors look like.

This is our LOB Parents community!

Since day 1 in 2013, our LOB methodology, books and programmes have benefitted thousands of parents, children, teachers, tutors, Vice-principals, PSLE markers and many more.

This is our experience with our existing parents.

This is our experience with our parents who joined us 4 years ago and they still believe in our mission.

“From failing to grade 1 or 2 in A Math (Sec 4)

Special thanks to…your powerful and magic technique that she persevere until today.

Students who enrolled in your school I’m sure they’ll have a better future.”

Sri, mother of Alyssa, 2014 P6 student.

“Thank you for helping to nurture Jolene till what she is today.

After she joined LOB, not only did she overcome her fear towards solving math questions, she also started to be more confident in her actions and her speech.

It is honestly an extremely positive change which I didn’t the process of solving it.”

Jenny, mother of Jolene, 2014 P6 student.

“I was sceptical that he would be able to help my son in such a short time but I was desperate.

I’m delighted to say that within those short few months my son was able to score an A in his PSLE.

This was in 2013. My son has since been doing well in his Maths with the good grounding given by John.

Sharon, mother of Ian, 2013 P6 student.

This is our experience with schools and other educators.

“From D to B in PSLE

He (our home math tutor) was very impressed with all (LOB) methods used in “Learning Out of the Box” and requested us to continue with Paper 2 Math.”

Mrs Charles, mother of our P6 student.

This is our experience with the press.

So if you are keen to join us in our mission of helping more children and make problem sums easier for them and their parents, all you need to do now is simply fill in your details below and we will notify you.