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Here are what our parents have to say about how their committed children actually transformed to self-motivated kids within 2 to 3 short months

Over 87 Testimonials From Our Happy & Satisfied Parents & Students

“She definitely improve not only in grades but her confidence as well.”

Chrissy Chua, mother of KY (P6)

“By practicing consistently these last few months, she was able to see some light at the end of the tunnel.”

Lim Wendy, Parent (P6)

“Empathetic, understanding and flexible, they will try to understand and help our child.”

Wong Siow Wai, Parent (P6)

“Within 2 months, John had helped my girl improve her grade from 50+ to 75 for her Prelim.”

Christina Goh, mother of Leticia (P6)

“Yup, she is happy. From Fail to B. (within 3 months.)”. She said that LOB coaches are very good…”

Phyllis, mummy of Clara

“…She enjoys the classes at LOB. Jiaxuan got 212, C for her PSLE math. When she first joined LOB, her marks were borderline. SA1, 47 and SA2, 55.”

Manda, mummy of Jiaxuan

“…Since beginning of P5, he had never passed his maths. 2-3 months later, he scored 61.5! From E grade to B grade!”

Jolene, mummy of Ethan

…scored 233 for her PSLE and got an A for her Prelim and B for math…Before this, she’s not really able to tackle tough problem sums.

Salimah, mummy of Anisah (2016

“In the past, she could go blank during exam and even have nausea…She has scored A* for Maths in PSLE.

Sze Wei, mother of Ashely (P6)

“She improved to 90 (for the first time in P6). From 84 in P5.”

Betty, mother of Alice (P6)

“With just 8 weeks to PSLE, John had helped my girl improve her grade from a low B to A* in her PSLE.

Elsie, mother of Elyn (P6) 

…She got 78 in Prelim Maths and improved by 43. We are extremely happy.

Geetha, mummy of Anisha (2016

“…he got grade C for his Math – really pleased. He used to get grade E for his Maths…he enjoyed the course and never once didn’t want to attend which is a credit to how you have structured and delivered the course.”

Mrs Loh, 2015   

“…Ian’s doing well overall. He’s maintaining his A grade for his Maths over the past 2 years”

Sharon, mother of Ian (2015

“…we have gone through many tutors with her and were practically at our wits end. It is a joy to see her enjoying her lessons now and I am grateful for that alone. Seeing her grades improve is of course, a huge bonus…”

Yean Lay, mother of Heng Woon (2015

“…scored 80.5/100 for her SA2 math paper. This is a great improvement from her SA1 math paper (66/100). She was happy with her result and very thankful for your coaching…”

Miki, mother of Summer (2014 

“…After joining for only 2 months, recently he scored full marks for his P6 mock SA1 paper. He seems to grasp the concepts well and attend the difficult questions with ease, also no longer make those careless mistakes!”

Cynthia, mother of Izaac (2014

“…my girl has improved by more than double from 20/100 in her CA2 to 52.5/100 in her SA2. This has really boosted her confidence and she’s even more willing and motivated to work harder now.”

Magesh, mother of Harini (2014

“…within 6 months, I could see my girl’s math grade improving and her confidence in Math was going up too…I’m thankful my girl joined your coaching programme.”

Hazelyn’s mom (2014

“Let Yatie share with you how her child has improved a lot. 2 months ago, her son found Math really boring. Now he likes Math and his other subjects have ALSO IMPROVED!”


Yatie (2014)

“Let Joseph tell you why having to travel 1 hour to our centre and 1 hour back home is TOTALLY WORTH IT! Especially when his school math teacher couldn’t even help him!…Everything paid off in the end when his son’s grade jumped by 30 marks within 3 months!”


Joseph (2014)

“Let Tina share with you how her son has regained his confidence in less than 6 weeks. And now he is doing math without being told to. Even his home math tutor was shocked by this BIG improvement in his attitude.”


Tina (2014)

“Let Favio share how he improved from “always failing” to 77/100 for his math. Now math is no longer boring. It is now SUPER FUN!”


Favio (2014)

“Let Shaun, who defined himself as the laziest student in class, share how he was so motivated – after having attended our class – jumped from 35 mark for SA1 to B for PSLE math within 3 short months! Even his school math teacher was SHOCKED by his improvement!”

Shaun (2014)

“Let Baqir share with you how he used to find math boring and now he is Loving every minute of our lesson! Also, now he finds math very easy and he is more confident in school!”


Baqir (2014)

Here are what our parents said after

attending our parent workshop:

“John’s method is not only focus on academic, but more of holistic. I also learnt ways of bonding better with my kids. It’s a fantastic workshop!”

“John is honest and true about this sharing session. Beside Math, he shares about improving relationships with my kids.”

“I learnt about the different concepts and skills a child must possess in tackling math…The sharing of feelings and frustrations each parent faced. John enlightens me by sharing the difficulties my child face in math.”

“I like the way John motivate the parents to connect with their kids at different pace. I can now better understand on the 12 concepts my child is going through.”

“How to work with my child at home more productively.”

“I learnt about the (similar) issues that other parents are facing.”

More Testimonials From

Our Parents & Students

“My child’s Math results have improved greatly…In fact, he is beginning to like Math. John is a very patient and encouraging coach. He has helped my son regained his self-confidence. I am very satisfied with John’s service.”

Student’s Mother

“Application in your teaching method is suitable for children who are slow developers. John is accommodating and sensitive to my granddaughter’s needs and temperament. I will recommend your service to my friends.”

Girl’s Grandmother

My son has managed to obtain better grade.

T’s Mother

“John is a great coach. My child’s Math has improved after he has joined this program.”

Su, Parent

(Her child got a ‘F’ during Semester 1 but got a ‘B’ for PSLE Math.)

“Now, I was alot more confident of myself and in solving Math questions. I have learnt to break down my problems and learnt to understand them.”


T, Student

(Got only 1 mark in March 2012 but got a ‘B’ for PSLE Math.)

“I can see my child trying to be more careful when working on Math problems. He has learnt how to spot his mistakes rather than just completing the questions and move on. He has managed to finish the paper faster and have more time to check his papers. He also thank me for caring and taking care of him.”

Flo, Mother

Her child was experiencing exam panic and was very worried he would fail before he saw me. John rebuilt his confidence and he got a ‘B’ grade for PSLE Math.