Tips for PSLE Maths

Last week, I was coaching a child and we were doing an exercise on goal setting.

It started off with a simple question.

“What grade would you like to get for your SA 2 Math?”

After thinking for a few minutes, he gave a shy smile and told me he wanted to get a B.

“Tell me 2 reasons why you want to aim for a B.”

He told me that ever since our coaching sessions had started, he is beginning to like Math more and he feels that he is more confident now.

“Now, tell me who your supporters are.”

First, he wrote his parents. Then he wrote his teachers and finally his friends.

To push him further out of his comfort zone, I encouraged him to get just 3 signatures from any of his supporters.

His reply surprised me.

“Getting 3 is easy. I can ask my friends.”

As “parents” was the first to be written, he told me it was much easier to get 3 signatures from his friends instead.

I was very curious. I asked for his reasons he didn’t choose to get signatures from his parents.

He said though he felt that although his parents were very supportive and were always helping him with his school work and he really appreciates that, he disliked being scolded.

Instead, he chose his friends because he felt that together with him, they were going through these primary school stage and they had been through happy times as well as tough times.

In short, he felt more connected to his friends. because of the common experience.

In fact, because of this observation that this is quite common among students, many of our strategies were designed so that these children who are struggling in school can now use a proven learning strategy to learn faster, have more time with their family and to build closer bond and more connections with their parents.

“Improve my Math results while spending more time with my family.
Possible? Oh Yes!”

To really benefit those parents, like yourself, who are so committed in caring for your children, helping them to do well for their PSLE Math and wanting to really enjoy studying Math, I have written an e-book covering on all the important steps that any parent can easily use right now to help your child.

p6mathsecrets 250Our e-book “P6 Math Secrets? 10% Concepts, 90% Strategy” covers:

2 important learning strategies that can help your child reduce revision time by at least half while retaining at least 90% of what has been learnt.

(most children forgot what has been taught in school within 3 days.)

A ready study time table which you can use now to easily track your child’s revision and plan his revision to be more effective.

(those students who do well in school have a structured and organized way of studying and your child can start doing the same now.)

A glimpse of the actual revision time table of one of my students who got an A for his PSLE math. 2 months ago when I first met him, he hated Math, was still scoring 30 mark and had low self-confidence.

(This boy is now in a top school IP programme which allows him to skip O-level. And he is now using what I have taught him for his Secondary school Math)

8 out of 10 parents who I spoke to told me that their children are always making careless mistakes and asked me how I can help them. In this Math strategy guide, I did a breakdown of the common careless mistakes into 6 groups and shared at least 2 methods you can help your children to easily kick these bad habits in less than 4 weeks.

There is no need to know 100%. I shared 1 proven method that you and your child can use now to plan for and aim for the grade you want.

And finally, you get to learn the 3 important points which I used to coach my students like your child to do well and like Math at the same time in under 2 weeks. (most educators and teachers need more than two more months or even years to achieve this.)

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“I’m now more interested in Math and I am no longer afraid of it. My confidence level has increased greatly…I like the way John coach me…It is done in a relaxing and non stressful way.”
– ZB, Student (Got a ‘F’ in July 2012 but got an ‘A’ for PSLE Math. Now, he got into IP program of a school of his choice and at the same time, his self-confidence had increased many times.)

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“John is a great coach. My child’s Math has improved after he has joined this program.”
– Su, Parent (Her child got a ‘F’ during Semester 1 but got a ‘B’ for PSLE Math.)

“My daughter is more confident now and her Math has improved. The teaching method is suitable for children who are slow developers.”
– Serene, Parent

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Here’s to your child’s PSLE Maths exam success!


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“Now, I was alot more confident of myself and in solving Math questions. I have learnt to break down my problems and learnt to understand them.”
– T, Student (Got only 1 mark in March 2012 but got a ‘B’ for PSLE Math.)

“My child’s Math results have improved greatly…In fact, he is beginning to like Math. John is a very patient and encouraging coach. He has helped my son regained his self-confidence. I am very satisfied with John’s service.”
– Student’s Mother

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