[🔺4 easy steps to get your child to do her math questions without you.]


I got many P3 parents asking me how I guide my dragon child. (Our P3 children were born in the year of 🐉)
How we teach my kids at home is same as how we guide our students.

Understand first.


Many others are too focused on getting the solutions.

But what will the child do if she faces a similar question in the future?


Let me explain what I did here using one of the more advanced questions my middle child did from this book
✅1. The “22/6” was written next to the question number. What this means is that the question is to be completed on that day.

My middle child used that to remind her that she has to complete papa’s homework before dinner time.


✅2. She is allowed to draw or use whatever way to understand the question. That includes flipping to the answers and figuring out by herself.
I’m training her to be self-reliant. And modelling after the answer sheet is ok for me. Let’s say I want to learn how to bake. The fastest way for me is to copy someone else by watching YouTube or learning from a teacher and following her footsteps.

Just remember to get her to explain to you later on.


✅3. When it comes to grouping question, she can draw lines or circles to represent groups. Many adults are very concerned if this is acceptable in school.

For me, I prioritise understanding over presenting. And they are different learning stages. So one step at a time so as not to overwhelm our little ones.


✅4. Last one is my favorite – putting the question mark. She has to know where to put it. Otherwise she is just solving blindly. Putting the ❓ helps her to focus on the end point.

Hope these tips are useful. A lot of times as parents we overlook the importance of helping our kids to understand so they can solve similar question types.


🌈Which tip do you find most helpful for you?


Love to hear and learn from you😀