Are you interested in signing up for our online classes for P3-6 and Sec 1-2??

Are you interested in signing up for our online classes for P3-6 and Sec 1-2?


From the Team of Learning Out of the Box,

Every day, our priority is to make problem sums easier for our students.

While supporting over 22,000 parents & children in our online community,
many parents had told us our LOB Model works very well.

So well that they always choose our model as their
Proven Model to help their children with problem sums.

What is LOB Model?

The LOB Model focuses on 3 important key elements on developing your child holistically:

– CONCEPTS: Learning the must-know 11 problem sums types or concepts

– PROCESSES: Imparting 5-step key processes to effectively solve problem sums

– SKILLSETS: Mastering 6 essential skills to better tackle problem sums

Our online programmes and learning materials can help you guide your child to realise and
tap into his or her inner strengths through self-motivation.

This will drastically improve his or her test and examination results.

Best of all, because your child learns the why and how of Math, this new-found superpower will remain with them for life!

Recently, we’ve been getting a lot of interest around primary school Math Problem Sums programmes for your child.

So we would like to take this chance to update you on our latest schedule.

Keen to find out more so that problem sums become easier for your child?

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Here are 3 BIG WHYs from our parents on choosing LOB
as their trusted learning partner for their children.


Let’s hear from these 3 parents:

#1. LOB’s problem sums solving methods are faster and more effective.

My girl was only scoring 50 plus. Her recent Prelim was 75!
She is very happy and couldn’t believe it too.

After attending LOB lessons, she can
– solve problem sums faster and
– more easily.
– Much easier to understand and apply,
(compared to what her home tuition teacher was teaching.)

Now, she can also identify problem sums type better.
Between, I travelled from Bukit Panjang to Ang Mo Kio for the lessons.

Everything seems so easy with LOB methods.
John’s team had really made things worked.

From P6 mummy Christina

“We decided to sign my boy up for the weekly programme.
It’s a weekly commitment to drive all the way from the West to Ang Mo Kio.

Absolutely no regret for it.
He enjoys his weekly lessons very much,
and now he can even coach his younger sister to solve her P4 problem sums.”

From mummy Amy who stayed in the West

#2. LOB helps my child like Math and want to try even harder (even at home)

“My boy always has a private tutor. His grades keep dropping from 49 to 32.
In the end, his tutor decided to give up on him – 1 week before SA1.

Luckily a friend introduced LOB to us.

After a few lessons, my son enjoys going LOB for Maths and willing to try maths questions at home.

Within 2 months, he finally got a pass.

My son told me, “Mummy, I have not seen a pass for Maths for so long.”

From P6 mummy Jennifer

3. LOB’s model is taken positively by School Vice-Principal, Maths HODs, Teachers and even other home math tutors.

We were invited to a Primary school by their Vice-Principal
to provide training for their Maths HODs and teachers.

The LOB model works so well that it was introduced to the entire level in another primary school.

Parents, who are PSLE markers and experienced Primary School Math Teachers, also sent their children to us.
(This only means what we are doing is right and totally aligned with what they believe in.)

So if you’d like to get your child started with us to learn
the easier and more effective methods to solve problem sums

so your child eventually get higher marks,
do fill up the form below now.

LOB Team

P.S. The last we checked over 90% of the seats in our regular classes have already been taken up.

Now all you need to do is simply fill in the form above now to register your interest.