How To Use Our Books

Many parents have this assumption that they have to know how to teach their children. They feel incompetent to help their child with homework and helping their kids in excelling in Math.

But what if Math can be learnt just by simply following the examples in the book?

At Learning Out Of The Box, we have prepared books to help you in your journey of teaching your child Math from home:

At Learning Out of the Box, we believe in serious work and serious play that motivate and revitalize us to continue to collaborate with parents (our clients) in developing simpler, smarter and more effective Math problem sums solving techniques.

Our team strives to empower and encourage every single child to be who s/he really is so as to inspire he or she to love to learn Math and eventually becoming self-directed learner.

Teachers (Current and retired, including an ex-PSLE Chief Examiner and GEP Teacher) and Parents who are Super in Maths use our problem sums guide books.

We give parents the chance to learn the best way first.

Children like learning using our books too

Steps Shared by Coach John

Our books are a great guide for kids to self-study

And they have benefitted from our books!

If you have any more questions about our books, feel free to email

Chief Math Learning Strategist (Founder)