Is Your Child Ready To Secure PSLE Distinctions For These 2 Subjects?

Call-out to P6 parents with children who want to do well for PSLE math & science and you are still unsure how to help.

PSLE Math Trainer & Former PSLE Chief Examiner Reveals 28 Tested & Proven Strategies To Handhold Your Child To Their Ideal Grades!


…The best part — all this can be learnt from the comfort of home! No need to worry about your child’s health in this period of uncertainty due to Dorscon Orange.

From the desk of Coach John:

Here’s a story of one P6 who joined our Math coaching programme.


Barely 2 months before PSLE.

She scored a low B for P6 Sa1.

(Then, her confidence was falling.🤭)

The more mommy taught, the more their relationship became strained.😕

Felt her always-A-grade best friend was smarter than her.😶

Fast forward 2 months later.

On the day of PSLE result release day.

Her best friend’s grade dropped to A.

Our student?

Hers rose to An A

🌷From low B to A⭐ within 2 months, along with an increase in confidence and improved relationship between parent and child.

How is that even possible?

We duplicate the same teaching methods for many of our P6s.

From Teacher Jo, Rosyth ex-Science teacher and PSLE marker of over 11 years shared similar result for her P6 science students.


From fail to 84/100 for P6 Science.

Two different teachers.

Two separate subjects.

Two sets of toolkit used.

Similar results achieved!

High A/A* achieved for PSLE.

Would you want to know how this can be done for your child too? Yes?

With barely 6 full months of prep before PSLE, you know there’s not a lot of time left.

This means you must use proven learning strategies to help your child.

🌈 So in March, I am teaming up with a former PSLE Science Chief Examiner for 3 years (with 10 years of PSLE marking experience).

What will your child learn from Coach John and Teacher Jo?

From Coach John for PSLE Math

Here are some of what we will cover with your child in this online coaching

– Discover common PSLE trending problem sums from 2017-2019 and how you can solve these questions easily and quickly too.

– Heard that these two 2019 “NP and P” problem sums are hard? Learn John’s fast tricks and tips to tackle them.

I did a similar training for my LOB parents last month and they told me now the tough question becomes so much Clearer.

– Learn the advanced IP method for solving Speed problem sums. A method that works extremely well for many of my students, but not taught in most schools.

and much much more…

22 online lessons of essential PSLE math topics and problem sums

  • Exam-common direct questions
  • Indirect questions
  • Percent (discount, base 100%, increase by/to, problem sums with percentage)
  • Circles
  • Speed
  • Number patterns
  • Algebra
  • Angles
  • Area/ Volume
  • Problem sums type one (same one total difference)
  • Problem sums type 2 (simultaneous, remainder)
  • Problem sum type 3 (repeated identity, guess n check, common multiple)
  • Problem sum type 4 (grouping, least number, equal fraction)
  • Plus shortcuts, common traps and tricks to solve them fast

  • Coupled with access to replays which your child can watch them over and over again.
  • and much much more…

From Teacher Jo for PSLE Science

Science Coverage

We will cover all the concepts, skills and techniques required to ace the exams for the following topics.

– Students will learn the ACCEPTED STANDARD keywords / key phrases for PSLE Science and how to use them to write their answer structure.

– Students will learn how to analyse a science question effectively under 1 minute.

– Students will learn the different answer techniques for the 10 different types of Science questions (broadly experimental, explanation and application questions)

*Most Weighted PSLE topics*

1. Forces including magnets
2. Energy Forms & Uses

3. Plant Reproduction
4. Electricity

5. Matter
6. Heat
7. Light & Shadows
8. Water Cycle
9. Interactions within the environment (food chains, adaptations, man’s impact)
10. Energy In Food

*Non routine questions covered in all sessions

Students will learn both MCQ & OEQ techniques. Some common concepts which are not even taught in some school. I will also show some ‘secret tricks’ and common misconceptions.

All participants will receive ample compilations of PSLE tested questions on topical and yearly from 2007 to 2019.

Welcome To The Ultimate

PSLE Readiness Course Group Programme!

The Complete Buffet Of Math & Science Skills & Strategies That Any Child Can Feast On To Get The Most Satisfying Learning Online Experience:

  • 22 online group lessons for Math and 22 online group lessons for Science
  • Each online lesson is one hour long.
  • Total number of hours for online lessons is 44 hours
  • So total hours are 44 hours of coaching by 2 academic specialists.

PLUS, You will also get your private access to your

  • PSLE A-Star Membership for you to download your weekly Math and Science worksheet
  • PSLE A-Star Membership for your instant recordings of online lessons till PSLE (so that you can revise anytime you want)
  • Entry to our online discussion groups and help channel (worth $590)


What if you only want to sign up for either Math or Science?

If you plan to sign up for Science online lessons with Jolene, you need to pay $1800.

Math-only online lessons with Coach John is $1800.

Days and time of online lessons:

First lesson is on 23 March week, last lesson in PSLE week.

Two Weekday nights a week, 7.30-8.30pm (A confirmed schedule will be sent out once your child’s seat is confirmed.)

Math and science will be done on separate weekdays. It will be on fixed weekdays, fixed timings.

(Recordings will be made available if your child wants to revisit the lessons. Your child’s bonuses will also be given after the second lesson.)

Logistic required:

The 22 lessons will be done online.

Your child can download the worksheets, have them printed out and get them ready to learn from home using a laptop plus working speaker and mouse.

No more getting distracted from a noisy class, like in school. More focus for your child!

No more wasting any second while enjoying the full experience of PURE learning.

Plus, most importantly for you…

No more further squeezing more out of your already-depleted time (+ draining your energy) driving your child to and fro plus clueless of what you should do or where to hang out while waiting another 2 hours for your child.

You have more time to yourself!

With barely 5-6 months to PSLE and you know every second is precious and can possibly make a difference between a grade or even two, your child can make full use of his limited time to study.)

How will a typical online session be like for your child?

The worksheets for the following lesson will be made available to your child at least a week before the lesson starts.

Your child is expected to complete the worksheet before the session starts.

During the session, we will go through with you along with other students. We will add explanations and sound out possible shortcuts and potential mistakes.

During the online lessons, we will also address the emotional needs and motivate the child.

If your child still has difficulty understanding certain questions from our worksheets, your child can watch the replays to better understand or email us after the online session.

* * * 

Here’s a special rate just for you when you sign up for BOTH Math and Science online group coaching with us:

BOTH subjects (for LOB & BlueTree parents) – $1,584

 It works out to be

($132 per month for
6 months of support from experts)

Which is way less than the normal rate of a tuition lesson by an experienced tutor, not forgetting you and your child have to waste another 2-3 hours (X 2 Persons) each time (which adds up to at least 32 hours a month or over 190 hours for 6 months) to prepare and travel.

Imagine how much more practice your child can do with these 190 hours.

Probably this will even mean an one or two grade jump for your child.

This online course is not for everyone.

Who is this not for…

Students who don’t want to

  • listen to instructions.
  • learn/ put in any effort.
  • do extra work.

Parents who don’t

  • want their children to learn more effective solving techniques.
  • believe in working hard+smart = better grades + less exam anxiety

Who is this for…

Students who

  • want to learn the smarter way
  • want to learn exam strategies and proven skills in tackling exams questions
  • want to do fewer questions but have deeper and clear understanding of the concepts and process of solving them
  • are willing to put in effort

Students who have

  • home tuition and they know they can get higher marks with extra help from us
  • lessons by their parents at home and they need additional tips from us
  • to self study and need guidance from us during this last lap
  • other online lessons and they need further help from us

Parents who are committed to supporting their children till end of PSLE

If this sounds like you and your child, here’s how you can sign up now for our PSLE Readiness Course.


🌈 Who is Teacher Jo?

– PSLE Chief Examiner 3 years and PSLE Marker for 10 years. Had taught more than 2000 students for the past 15 years.

 – Ex-teacher from Rosyth who specialised in GEP for 10 years and now a BlueTree PSLE science specialist and teacher for 5 years

– Trained hundreds of teachers in Singapore on Singapore Science Syllabus since 2017.

– Mother of 3 and she believes in making Science easy and fun for children by simplifying concepts.

🌈 Who is Coach John?

– PSLE math problem sums exam strategist (and founder of Learning Out of the Box) who had been interviewed by local and international medias like CCTV (Asia), TV Tokyo and Channel 8 news, Strait Times and many others.

– Father of 3 children and self-published authors of over 38 primary math guidebooks. His guidebooks have been used by thousands of Vice-Principals, teachers, HODs, parents and children.

– He spent most of his time teaching and supporting his online community of over 20,000 parents because he feels parents are the best teachers for our children.

Still have a question or two? Check out our Frequently asked questions.

Is this a group coaching?

Yes, you are right.

When the first lesson start? When the lesson will end?

First lesson is on 23 March week, last lesson in PSLE week.

Will the lessons days be fixed or changed?

It will be on fixed weekdays, fixed timings.

When will we receive the sign up confirmation?
Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email receipt. It means your seat is confirmed. 
 If it is not in your inbox, it may be in your spam. This is how the receipt looks like. 
May I ask if answer keys will be given for the practice questions?

We will solve the questions with the child during the online sessions. So the answer keys are already provided in video format and he/she can watch the replays.

Will my child's work be reviewed?

Yes, your child can email us his/ her work at the support email and we will give feedback to your child during the online sessions with your child.

Will assignment be given for the following lesson?

Yes, worksheets of the following week will be available for download a week in advance. Your child is expected to attempt them before the actual online lesson.

Can you throw in some pep talk to motivate the kids?

Definitely during the online lessons, we will address the emotional needs and motivate the child.

I'm so interested but my child has activities on some weekdays. How?

Your child can still work on the provided worksheet and join us in the next session. Recordings will be provided for him to watch on his free days. What some parents did is they signed up so they can get the video recordings which they know will benefit their children.

What if my child still have difficulties understanding certain concepts/ topics even after the online lessons and playbacks?

Children can email us to ask about the math questions from our worksheets.

Can I buy the exam paper review and recordings separately?

Nope, you can’t.

I have signed up for your workshops (CPS or MAP) too. Are they different from this online course?
Yes, depending on the type of workshops you have signed up.
Math Assessment Program (MAP) is to cover the basic problem sums types and it helps to rebuild your child’s foundation in primary school math. Lessons are conducted in a slower and more relaxing manner so your child can better understand the lessons while gradually building his interest and confidence in solving problem sums. Find out more, click HERE.
Concepts Process Skills (CPS) is a crash course covering only intermediate to challenging problem sums. For children who are coming for March/June/Sept CPS, they get an experimental learning with us that they are motivated, get help on the spot. We are focusing on problem sums types which are intermediate to advanced. To find out more, click HERE.
Different learning experience helps children in different ways.
This online courses cover both topical and problem sums. If your child is shy to ask questions in the class, the chat box in the online lessons allows him to

For children who’re attending CPS or MAP and this online coaching, it will definitely provide more help for your child to increase the chance of scoring higher marks.

If my child is attending tuition lessons at your centre currently, will it be the same as what you're teaching in the online lesson?
Contents will be different. The online lesson is a good extra revision and will be extra help to your child.  It will be excellent for child who is afraid of asking questions in the class buy he/she can type out the questions in the chat box during the online lessons. 


Please take note of the followings:

1) You’re signing up this course: Learning Out of the Box (LOB) & BlueTree (BT) 2020 PSLE Readiness Course.

2) At the payment page, it shows the fee of the course ($1,584). If you want to accept the bump offer – “12 hours Pre-Sa1/Prelim/PSLE Strategic Online Group Coaching (6hrs per subject, 2hrs per online session)”, you have to click the box by yourself. Amount is $657. Once you’ve clicked, it will be added to your shopping cart. If you do not want this bump offer, do not click that option.

3) Once you’ve clicked the green button – “Complete Order”, payment will go through. It is non – refundable and non-transferable to other LOB/ BT courses or dates or attendee or books/ online membership. Please read carefully before you click the green button. 

4) In the event of missed online lesson, no refund will be given nor can any absence be used to offset any payment. This is to ensure fairness among all students.

5) In the event of a missed online lesson, there is no make-up to replace the missed lesson.

6) Solutions will be shared during the online lessons/ replay of online lessons only. 

7) If you have purchased these items, they are non-exchangeable and non-refundable under any circumstances:

– 12 hours Pre-Sa1 (May) /Prelim (Aug) /PSLE Strategic Online Group Coaching (Sept)  (6hrs per subject, 2hrs per online session) or
– PSLE Online September Holiday Programme (2 days 3 h a day x 2 subjects) or
– Science Material Kit + 111 PSLE Maths & Problem Sums Videos ($187)

8) The organisers reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions.

9) I understand that for any math support, I should email Learning Out of the Box at and for any science support, I should contact BlueTree Education and email to