Started by a father who teaches his 3 daughters math.

Our story on why we started our primary math (and now sec 1 G2/G3 and sec 2 Express math) coaching services – for supporting parents who teach their children math too.

John just wanted his three daughters to have an easier time and have more fun learning math, but learning in school made math harder than it needed to be.

Being an ex-social worker and a mechanical engineering graduate, he set out to fix those gaps by bringing like-minded teachers into his team to use his methodology to teach children math in a more fun and simpler way so that it is easier for their parents to teach them again – at home.

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Why Do Parents Trust Us With Their Kids?

Here at LOB, we’re Primary Math Specialists and we’ve poured all our efforts into the science of breaking down every single Math learning challenge into steps students can take to improve, no matter where they start from.

We use a proven Concepts-Processes-Skills (CPS) methodology to make problem sums really easy for you and your child.

The methodology is the result of years of social work practice, childhood education and engineering (Math) practice by a team of specialists with a combined professional/ teaching experience of more than 20 years.

This proven model has helped many students to become more confident in solving problem sums, be more independent in learning and achieve a 2 to 3-grade jump over a short period of time. 

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