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A Primary Math Centre Specialising In Problem Sum Skills. (Now we also offer Sec 1 & 2 G3/ Express Math class.)
Our Mission is to support busy parents who teach their children maths and we make problem sums easier for parents to teach and students to learn.

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Here’s what parents had to say about our programme:

“…Regina scored 80 for her CA1 Maths…improved by over 42 marks from 38/100 from P5 SA2 last year…”
– Grace (mother)

“…Jemus scored 71 for his P6 CA1, up from 44 in P5 SA2. He had never scored above 70 for Maths previously…”
– Susan (mother)

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Learning Out Of The Box specialises in primary math (now sec 1 express math)  and our mission is to support parents who teach their children maths.

These parents still send their children to our regular online classes because they know we specialise in making problem sums easier for students to learn and parents to teach.

Our goal is to make your child’s PSLE Math exam preparation less stressful, more enjoyable and much more effective by helping them score the biggest chunk of marks when they master problem sums.

Help your child get better grades for their Math exams

It is only natural that parents worry about how their child will fare, and think about stocking up on assessment books, stepping up on revision hours, at the risk of burning out their child — and their relationship with their child — during this increasingly competitive landscape.

But… what if there was a way to alleviate that stress for not only your child, but you as well?

What if your child could cruise through this otherwise stressful period with confidence?

What if you could be assured that he will return from each exam hall with the results you both are proud of?

Most importantly, what if you were able to ride through this milestone and come out of it closer to your child than ever before?

End your painful search for suitable tutors and solutions by working with us!

Learning Out of the Box has a unique Math programme which empowers Primary school students and their parents to work towards excelling in their PSLE Mathematics examinations by mastering smarter and more effective problem sums solving skills and processes.

Based on the very best examination strategies that top PSLE students personally use, and amplified with psychological influences, the programme ensures your child will not only achieve better grades, but fall in love with Math, too!

The best part — this is a permanent change that will accompany them throughout Secondary School and even beyond!

Our Math Problem Sums Programme

The Learning Out of the Box Math Programmes & Learning Materials focuses on 3 important key elements on developing your child holistically:

– CONCEPTS: Learning the must-know 11 problem sums types or concepts
– PROCESSES: Imparting 5-step key processes to effectively solve problem sums
– SKILLSETS: Mastering 6 essential skills to better tackle problem sums

Our programmes and learning materials can help you guide your child to realise and tap into his or her inner strengths through self-motivation.

This will drastically improve his or her test and examination results.

Best of all, because your child learns the why and how of Math, this new-found superpower will remain with them for life!

Our Programs & Books

Regular lessons are conducted in a fun and engaging style so that your child can better involved in the lessons and understand the problem sums concepts and solving skills while gradually building his interest and confidence in solving problem sums.

Please drop us an email to find out more.

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For P6s, the Concepts-Processes-Skills Course (CPS), is a heavy content-packed problem sums strategy PLUS motivational course where your child learn 12 level 1/2 concepts, 5 important processes and 6 must-know skills (including self-motivational to be self-directed learner).

Contact us for future dates/programs for other primary levels.

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Visit our library of K1 to P6 strategy and assessment books tested and proven to have helped parents teach their children and children to self-revise from the comfort of home.

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Our Teachers Who Our Parents Love To Work With

Coach Jocelyn

“Interactive, engaging and supportive – that’s how students describe Coach Jocelyn’s teaching style. She believes in being actively involved with each student’s learning progress and patiently takes them through lessons and worksheets. Coach Jocelyn started teaching after she felt the joy she got from tutoring her own children. Since then, guiding children to excel and gain confidence in Math has been her passion.

She believes that learning Math helps children solve real-life problems through varying thinking processes and approaches gained through experience. Among many success stories, she once helped a student jump grades from AL4 to AL1 in three months! Isn’t that awesome?”

Coach Ginn

“Coach Ginn is all about bringing fun and cheer to what is usually described as a boring Math lesson. She enjoys injecting visuals and preparing enrichment materials to enhance her students’ learning process. She patiently guides each student towards the right direction, teams them up with buddies in class to turn to, and nurtures confidence in her students so they can take on any problems – in their Math papers or in life.

One of Coach Ginn’s best memories is teaching a student who went from failing to passing her class test. This made her realise the power of teaching and how important it is to tailor teaching to individual students to allow them to learn optimally. What a refreshing perspective!”

Coach Willy

The most popular comment we get about Coach Willy? That his lessons are “super easy to understand”! Coach Willy’s students often describe him as a patient teacher. He enjoys taking the time to impart his knowledge to the students in his class and is proud of his students for accomplishing good results.

He acknowledges that learning Math requires a lot of hard work, but he strongly believes his students can do it with the right guidance, approach and a relaxed mind. This perspective helped one of his student finally score a ‘B’ in PSLE after failing Math since Primary 3! Now that’s something.

Coach May Ling

“Coach May Ling’s focus is always to make her classroom engaging – she lets her students ask her anything during her lessons, whether to do with Math or not. She finds it important to hone on a child’s curiosity and that’s why she keeps up with trends so she can address their questions. Her students describe her as a fun teacher who always reminds them to enjoy the learning journey in order to get the results they want.

Coach May Ling’s proudest achievement? When one of her students who was only getting 25/100 ended up scoring 65/100 in his school test. Her holistic nature of teaching is just really heartwarming and is a refreshing approach for students who typically dislike Math!”

Coach John

“Coach John noticed a need for Math support for children and parents when he started tutoring his own daughter. An ex-social worker and now a father of 3, his top priority today is to protect his students’ confidence while empowering parents to teach their own kids at home. Learning Math should not be a stressful thing to do, which is why he is constantly cracking jokes and injecting fun and humour into his lessons.

This makes Coach John’s teaching easy to follow and understand and many students have improved their grades and self-confidence thanks to his guidance. He finds it comforting to know that through his methodologies, many parent-children relationships have also benefited positively. Here’s to spreading more love for Math!”

Coach Jenny

“Coach Jenny’s mission is to make a difference in each student’s learning process. She is often described as highly engaging and encouraging by her students, often taking time to repeat difficult topics or rephrase tricky questions to help them. Coach Jenny believes that the key to learning and acing Math is in understanding the concepts and practice, practice, practice.

One student of hers – a quiet and reserved P3 girl – eventually opened up about her difficulties to Coach Jenny and together they addressed the problems and eventually the girl started loving Math. There are indeed no shortcuts – in Math or in life.”

Coach Ru Zhi

“Learning Math is not all about solving problem sums. Coach Ru Zhi always tell his students that it also helps them build critical thinking skills and broaden their minds to explore things from various perspectives. His passion for teaching Math helps his students feel motivated to find their hidden potential in the subject.

Like how one student, who feared Math, went from scoring 13/100 to 89/100 thanks to his dynamic style of teaching and encouragement to mingle with fellow peers. This motivated Coach Ru Zhi to continue assisting children with difficulties. We’ve got to admire his perseverance in encouraging students in a fun and goal-oriented manner!”

Coach Jiaxuan

“The right balance between fun and practice – that’s what Coach Jiaxuan believes is the key to understanding Math questions. She discovered her love for teaching when she started tutoring her younger sister. Coach Jiaxuan uses a personalised approach to interact with every student throughout the lesson to ensure that they grasp the concepts confidently.

She feels a sense of accomplishment when she sees her students become more inquisitive in lessons and more eager in presenting their solutions without being asked to. At the end of the day, she feels that once a student can identify his or her strengths or weaknesses and work on them, Math sums become easier to solve!”

Increase Your Child's Math Score, Eagerness to Study & Self Confidence Now:

Our math consultant contact you to explain how to boost your child’s Math grades in just 20 minutes… for free!

Just let us know how we can contact you in the form on the right.

Here’s what parents had to say about our programme:

“…Regina scored 80 for her CA1 Maths…improved by over 42 marks from 38/100 from P5 SA2 last year…”
– Grace (mother)

“…Jemus scored 71 for his P6 CA1, up from 44 in P5 SA2. He had never scored above 70 for Maths previously…”
– Susan (mother)