If We Use Our C-P-S Problem Sums Solving Secrets To Coach Your Child, This Is What We’d Do…

Just when we were about to lock up our glass door after having a long day of 4 2-hour of back-to-back classes on a Saturday, a mummy came up to us.

“Now I know why your centre is special.”

“It’s the environment. You make it safe for my child to make mistakes. Thank you.”



The picture shows our classroom in which children are learning –  a protected room where encouraging words can only reach the children’s ears so your child can believe she can improve too.


“Your child’s improvement path must always start off with this – Belief.”

The moment your child steps into the room, the anxiety of solving problem sums is diffused by engaging coaches and lively interesting games.

“It was so fun! My other math tuition is boring. That’s why I changed to here.” A P5 girl shouted.

I could see my girl smiling when she steps out of the centre. She dislike problem sums. I had never seen her enjoyed a math class so much!” A mommy was surprised too.

And having coached thousands of children, parents, teachers and HODs in my last 8 years plus having 3 daughters, that’s just one of my 21 secrets for planting in your child the seed of higher confidence – that is long-lasting.

And these 21-step powerful formula have been passed down to our entire team.


Before lesson starts, the simple-to-follow 5-step solving method is introduced like a memorable story. Just before the 1st problem sum type is taught, these 5 steps are repeated and reinforced skillfully at least 6 times for each question. Just so that this is remembered when we work on exam-like problem sums from page 1 to 5 of the worksheet.

“Your child is the focus during the coaching.”


Story-Model-Solve (SMS) is the core of this coaching. Once your child can consistently do it, solving problem sums is going to be a relaxing walk in the park.

But parents told us it’s frustrating to remind their children to follow this at home. So we do the heavy lifting for you here during the 2 hours.

All you need to do is to ensure your child submits her completed homework of no more than 5 problem sums on the following lesson so she can earn more reward points to claim more snacks from our Happy Cupboard.

Just used my points to get this pack of chips and shared with my friends. Going to do more questions to get more points.” A P4 boy excitedly called out.

Right before the 10-minute rest ends, children submit their study plan to their motivation team. Massive groups of eager children crowd around our reception table where our “fairy godmother” and “god sisters” check extra problem sums done by them at home and award them with more points to collect more gifts.

Just as he is about to leave with more stamps on his reward card, our team tells him “Well done!”, coupled with a pat on his shoulder.


This instantly fills his emotional tank to the brim.

I’m going to do much more questions by next week!” A P4 boy declared. He was an ex-math hater.

And that’s one of the many new habits your child will bring home from our coaching. No worry if there’s CA or SA. Your child will always feel prepared to take on any problem sum.


It is by such extremes as we show you that your child really has a Safe, Fun Plus Encouraging space for picking up our problem sums solving skills which have worked wonders for thousands of children.


This environment we created for your child is the Why! that helps your child and many children to know that “I’m always ready! =)“.

No more surprise and shock for you! No more uncertainty! No more unnecessary stress!

You know now our coaching helps your child to always keep up with school. 

She’s pushing herself instead of you pushing her to study. (“Phew, what a relief that my child is now a self-directed learner! Thank you.”, a P5 mommy shared with us.)


This is why I sent my son to you. He does his problem sums by himself now.” A PSLE Math marker and teacher told me just before she left.

“They even have cupcakes party to celebrate their small wins.” Another P5 mommy added. “My son was so excited!”


💜 So should you send your child to us?


Mummy Chrissy told our parents from our community when they asked the same question.

Yes! One of the best things ever happened to us. She done well till today!

No gimmicks from LOB,

Only with proven methods

And lots of care and love from all staffs.


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Learning Out Of The Box –  Our LOB’s Story

A Math Coaching Centre Focused On Making Problem Sums Really Easy for Students.

Hi there, my name is John Yeo, the founder of our school, Learning Out of the Box.

Here’s some background about me: Before I became a Problem Sums Trainer, I used to be a social worker (after I had graduated with an honours degree in NTU engineering) where I worked with and helped mainly single  parents and their children. Through my 7 years of experience counselling children, I came to realise that every child is unique and can’t be coached using the same method.

What I discovered was that one of the main reasons that many children who were not doing well in subjects like Maths is because each of us has different learning styles and capabilities.

One of the disturbing facts I had discovered is the amount of impact of school’s grades has on the self-esteem of a child these days.

The truth is if a child is fully engaged in a fun and interesting lesson, his grades is bound to increase by leaps and bounds.

I believe that every parent wants her child to have high self-esteem. I know that because I’m a dad too with two girls and I also want my children to grow up to be confident kids.

This is the precise reason why I decided to set up our school and be a Math Problem Sums trainer to coach children as well as parents in how to learn Problem Sums in a fun and effective way.

Discover How To Make Problem Sums 3X Easier For Your Child While Boosting His Eagerness to Study & Self Confidence, in Just A Short Period Of Time – WITHOUT NAGGING!

Our team will explain how to boost your child’s Math grades for 20 minutes… for FREE!

(Just tell me how we can contact you in the form on the right)

“…Regina scored 80 for her CA1 Maths…improved by over 42 marks from 38/100 from P5 SA2 last year…”

– Grace (mother)

“…Jemus scored 71 for his P6 CA1, up from 44 in P5 SA2. He had never scored above 70 for Maths previously…”

– Susan (mother)

Our Math Coaching Centre

Learning Out Of The Box is a math tuition centre and we specialise in making problem sums easier for students and parents.

Make your child’s PSLE Math exam preparation less stressful, more enjoyable and much more effective! 

The Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) is really a Singapore child’s first major educational milestone, and very much determines the way forward in a child’s academic life.

It is only natural that parents worry about how their child will fare, and think about stocking up on assessment books, stepping up on revision time, at the risk of burning out their child — and their relationship with their child — during this increasingly high-tension period.

But what if there was a way to alleviate that stress for your child, and you too?

What if your child could cruise through this otherwise stressful time with confidence?

What if your child could assure you that he will return home with the improved results you and your child both could be proud of?

Most importantly, what if you were able to ride through this milestone and come out of it closer than ever before?

End your painful search for suitable tutors so that your child can REALLY improve his Math skills! 

Learning Out of the Box has a unique Mathematics tuition programme that empowers Primary school students and their parents to work towards excelling in their PSLE Mathematics examinations by learning and eventually mastering smarter and more effective problem sums solving skills and processes.

Based on the very best examination strategies that top PSLE students swear by, and steeped in strong psychological principles, the programme ensures your child will not only achieve better grades, but fall in love with Mathematics, too!

… and help your child get better, higher grades for their Math exams

What this Vice Principal, the Teachers and External Tutors Say About Us

What Parents & Students Say About Us

Our Math Problem Sums Programme

The Learning Out of the Box primary math tuition programme focuses on 3 important key elements on developing your child from the inside out:

– Concepts – Learning the must-know 11 problem sums types or concepts
– Processes – Imparting 5-step key processes to effectively solve problem sums
– Skillsets – Mastering 6 essential skills to better tackle them

With the Learning Out of the Box math tuition programme, our coaches can help you guide your child to realise and tap into his or her inner strengths through self-motivation, and drastically improve his or her test and examination results. Best of all, because your child learns how to use what he already possesses, this new-found performance standard will remain with your child for life!


About John, Founder & Chief Tutor

Learning Out Of The Box is founded by John Yeo, an education specialist and an entrepreneur with 7 years’ experience in family-based social work. After having coached hundreds of children and worked with their parents, he’s refocused on what he loves most: Motivating Students Using Effective & Creative Study Strategies.

Since 2004, he has worked with more than 10,000 families to date.

Armed with an honours degree in Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and a graduate diploma in social work from National University of Singapore, John has been coaching students in Mathematics at primary and secondary level.

He also works with teenage youth on life skills training to prepare them for their future, covering areas such as time management, problem-solving, planning and prioritisation and character development.

As the Chief Math Trainer John has run many programmes for his students and their parents. The programmes include group coaching classes, Math camps, PSLE Math workshops and school training for Math teachers, HODs and VP.

You’ll find his approach to helping students to learn effective. He has developed it over the years and it has helped many students who fail Math, one of which improved his grades from F to B within 2 days.

What makes John’s coaching stands out is his passion and drive to coach young students to better manage their fear and dislike for Maths, and transform them into motivated, confident students who look forward to take on the challenges of Maths problem sums.

Since 2013, John and his team of math coaches have also conducted many math coaching programmes, workshops, seminars for children and parents.

John has also spoken at the same parenting seminar with Tony Buzan. Tony Buzan is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Mapping and expert on the brain, memory, speed reading, creativity and innovation.

Media Features

This initiative has brought the attention of the media, and they are featured on AsiaOne and The New Paper as well.

He has also been featured by both international and local media such as CCTV News (China), TV Tokyo, Channel 8 News, The Straits Times, The New Paper, Shin Min Daily News, Lianhe Wanbao, My Paper, Mother & Baby, theasianparent.com, Nanyang Chronicle, Xobon magazine and his story can be found on AsiaOne, CNNiReport, PRWeb.com and many others. He has also been contacted by BBC World TV for an interview.

Math Resource Books John and his team wrote

John is also the author of over 21 books, aimed at helping Singapore students excel in today’s stressful school life

Most importantly, John is also a father to three children, and has a personal vested interest in understanding and improving the state of youth undergoing the rigours of the Singapore education system. John has written extensively on education and study tips to help students prepare for exams.